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How to Create a Perfect 6-Email Webinar Invitation Sequence

‍Ensure your event invitations cut through inbox noise with an effective email sequence. According to GoToWebinar, 57% of webinar registrations come from email, making it the most effective channel to promote your webinar. Those who attend webinars will spend an average of 57 minutes viewing making it the most effective way to reach those making a purchase decision.

You may need more than one email sequence for webinars/events. One email for those who have already registered and need more information. Then a second for those who are still yet to sign-up. A solid campaign may send more than one email to each of these groups.

In the pre-event launch email, you will want to give your readers a quick intro to the event. You want to generate hype and get them to start thinking about your event. You can do this by focusing on what the event will be like and what it will cover rather than the time, place, and registration details.

1. Pre-event launch/introduction

Three optional headings—pick one which suits your campaign best!

  1. Give yourself the gift of learning [topic]
  2. Join all major influencers of [topic]
  3. If you have X, you need this!

This is your chance to get a front-row seat for the latest [product/software/company name updates] brought to you by the top team at [Company Name]. We will be sharing relevant news for [industry/job role] in addition to [ecommerce/software] updates.

You can find the details here:




CTA: Save my spot

In your second email, registration becomes the most important part of the email as you formally invite people to your event. As well as using a link or button, perhaps include a linked image to reduce the repetitiveness of call to actions(CTAs) within the email.

2. Event invite

Register for our latest webinar!

Whether you are in [Banking] or [Finance], this will be a beneficial webinar on how to tailor your approach with customers and thrive in the new world.



CTA: Will you attend?

Yes No

Join us at [Event Name] to explore and discover the products/services on show from leading industry experts.

We have also got a packed agenda from expert speakers from companies such as [Company Name 1], [Company Name 2], and [Company Name 3] who will keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest in the industry, covering:




There are X weeks until our event so register today!

All you need to do is click the button below and enter your details to register.

CTA: Register here!

3. Invite your audience with exclusive offers.

You’re invited! [Date]

We would love for you to join us at [Event Link/Location], [Event Date],for [Event Name]. You can meet and learn from the minds behind [Company Name], get one-on-one time with experts, boost your technical skills with hands-on learning and certifications.

To thank you for being part of the [Company Name] community, we’re offering you a special rate of only £X with the code [code] when you register by [Date].

Register Now!

Include your presenter’s photos! Knowing who is hosting the webinar may influence the decision of your audience as to whether they attend. They may also be inclined to attend if they relate to the speaker’s position or know of the company they work for.

4. Introduce the speakers

Join all major influencers of [topic]

On [Date],find out all of [speakers] secrets as we explore [topic].

[Speaker1 Name] – [Position], [Company] [Synopsis of their background]

[Speaker2 Name] – [Position], [Company] [Synopsis of their background]

CTA: Register Today!

An email on the day or an hour before the webinar begins can be highly successful. Potential attendees will have a clearer idea as to whether they can make the event. Two emails could be sent to those who are currently signed up, reminding them of the imminent event and those that still need to sign up.

5. Starts in one hour

The [Webinar Name] starts in one hour!


Now is your chance to learn about [topic], answer questions on [sub-topic],or anything else you want to know about [Company Name].

Hope to see you there.

6. On-demand available now

If you missed anything from [Webinar Name] you can catch-up now!

In [Number] minutes you could learn:




Register here [Link] and we will send you your own on-demand copy.

In short, a successful sequence of emails is key to driving webinar registrations. Typically, they are the only insight a viewer will get into what the webinar will resemble. Hopefully, you have gained some ideas for your next webinar invitation. Feel free to experiment with wording and design, and don’t feel as though you have to stick to our templates. The main goal is to attract registrations, so do it in the best way that suits your webinar.