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Attract the right Customers with your Email Drip Campaigns

We are all always trying to attract the right subscribers with our email marketing campaigns to encourage them to commit and respond to our call to actions. It’s not as easy anymore as everyone has the same goal. The number of emails hitting our inboxes is on the rise. The usual “sign up for my Newsletter” opt-in doesn’t work as well anymore.

More and more companies are now using an Email Drip Campaign strategy, also known as automated email campaigns. This is a set of marketing emails with the same concept – emails that will be sent out automatically on a schedule.

An example of this is when a new prospect subscribes to a new service. On subscribing on day 1 an email goes out to them, then another will go out 3 days later and so on. Emails vary based on triggers or actions the person has performed, like signing up for your service or making a purchase, which is why they are also sometimes called behavioural emails.

It makes it easier for organisations to stay in touch with their audience based on events and actions. Every drip email comes from a queue of pre-written emails. You can segment your list based on demographics, purchase history, and which emails a user has opened in the past. You can also personalise your emails with your contact’s name, company info, etc.

Segmentation and personalisation leads to more conversions and fewer unsubscribes. Don’t overdo it though – like with everything else – too much and you will start to annoy your audience. Get the schedule right to remind people to buy your product and teach them how to use your product or service once they have purchased it. Use follow up emails that will add value – build a relationship with your customer.

Tips and Tricks on setting up a Drip Campaign

  • Not every email is appropriate for every prospect, so make sure you’ve split your list into categories: past customers, new subscribers, etc. for best results
  • Make sure your messaging lines up with your triggers – don’t send a welcome email to an old subscriber.
  • A/B test all of your emails – test your “from” name, send time, your CTA, subject line, copy, etc.
  • Pay special attention to your subject line – it makes or breaks your campaign
  • Introduce yourself in the first email

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