Email Marketing – The Importance of the Subject Line

Within Email Marketing the goal is to achieve a high open rate and ideally a high click and response rate. We all are trying to create engaging content and push this content out to our target audience. When using email as a channel to promote this content, one of the most important elements is – the subject line.

So much work goes into creating engaging content and it can all go out the window if we don’t pay attention to what we use in our subject line. The Subject Line is the headline of your Email and is the key level to achieve high email engagements.

Try and use an attention-grabbing subject line, many of us receive hundreds of emails a day and many of these are left unopened. The Subject line is one of the first things your recipients will see – make sure it is one that stands out and catches their attention, straight away.

Tips and Tricks for subject lines

Keep it simple and short
A catchy, straight to the point and descriptive subject line, which summarises the nature of your email in a few words and catches your recipient’s attention straight away. Most mobile phones can’t display a subject line of more than 5 or 6 words.

Grab your audience – Personalise your email
Grab your audience’s attention immediately and give them a reason to open your email. Use data segmentation to your advantage.

Reflect the content of your Email
Make sure that your subject line accurately reflects the same content of the email you are sending. Let recipients know from your Subject line what they can expect in the email.

Can’t make up your mind which subject line will work better? A/B test! Use two different subject lines to the same size data segment to see which one is performing better. and use the winning Subject Line for the rest of your Emails.

Don’t waste your great content on a bad subject line, take time to create a great subject line around your email and see results speak for themselves.

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