Marketing Intelligence

Expanding the Decisional Intelligence Discussion for 2021 Marketing Planning

As the need for a more streamlined B2B buying process grows, so does the requirement of data granularity in demand generation. Learning about your buyer’s specific needs and decision-making habits has never been more prevalent than it is today. The standard software buyer in 2021 is being pulled in multiple directions, resulting in a decline in attention spans. This directly affects your ability to generate demand and thought leadership, as you’re not only combating your numerous competitors, but also the buyer themselves. This creates an “us vs. them” mentality with your prospective customers, and that’s not a space any organization wants to be in.

This can obviously be a hot topic for some – data is constantly changing after all. So, we decided to put together a helpful webinar to walk you through how decisional intelligence can affect your MQLs, your targeted marketing, and eventually, your revenue. Take a look!

To conclude, we can see why expanding data capabilities through personalized and future insights is not only valuable but required for 2021 organic growth. It’s just not possible for a business to expand their solutions and promote year-over-year growth without proper data enrichment, augmentation, and an analytical understanding. Finally, it can’t be stated enough, but knowing how to communicate with your buyers is absolutely key, regardless of how it happens. At Demand Science, we not only offer the capabilities to generate high-quality demand generation leads that utilize predictive analytics, but we also focus heavily on the conversations and engagement you have with your clients. It’s important to us that a cohesive narrative is told so that each lead you receive can work their way through the funnel at an accelerated pace while also providing you with actionable insights. If you’d like to learn more, take a look at our solutions page here!