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What Makes a Great Whitepaper?

Does your business have a blog? If so, great! It’s good that you’re giving away helpful and educational content for free on your blog. But, when you’re creating more comprehensive and valuable material (like guides, whitepapers, case studies, and reports), it might benefit your lead generation strategy more if you put it behind a signup form.

You’re giving your audience more value, so your prospects shouldn’t have any qualms about giving you their email address, or maybe even more. Gated content is a great way to incentivize lead generation and capture valuable lead information

According to the 2016 Content Preferences Survey by Demand Gen Report, 96% of B2B buyers want more information and input from industry thought leaders.

If you’ve created tons of helpful and educational articles and established yourself as a thought leader, your audience will already see the value in your content. So it’s only fair to start asking for something in return. Through gated content, you can collect information that you can use to nurture these leads and guide them further down your sales funnel.

Buyers want content that can help them benchmark their strategies and compare previous experiences with their own. The aforementioned Demand Gen Report survey found that 51% of B2B buyers rely on content published online for before they make a purchase decision. In addition, they want helpful and educational content rather than advertisements.

The same report found that 63% of B2B buyers read at least one case study during their research, and 47% consumed three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales agent. This goes to show that gated content is indeed effective for lead generation.

Why Whitepapers?

Whitepapers hold enormous potential for B2B marketers. First, a well thought out whitepaper can pave the way for blog posts, discussions, and other accompanying content pieces. Second, a well-written whitepaper also differentiates you from competitors in the eyes of your reader.

B2B buyers value whitepapers that provide data and analysis. This makes whitepapers effective in establishing your organization as an industry leader with highly-valuable insights. Demand Gen’s 2016 Content Preferences Survey Report also stated that whitepapers are the top content type used to make B2B buying decisions:


So, in creating your B2B content marketing plan, make sure that there’s a whitepaper lined up. We’ve outlined the components that make a whitepaper great, so you can properly plan and develop your next awesome piece of B2B content marketing content.

Here’s What Makes a Great Whitepaper

What Makes a Great White Paper?


Think of a B2B buyer who is doing research about the best solution for their identified problem. In their research, they’ll be likely to consume multiple articles from various sources. But your whitepaper provides all the information they need in just one PDF file. In coming across your whitepaper, the buyer may get the impression that your content is more valuable than an assorted collection of short blog posts.

A fact-based whitepaper can help you establish your business as a leader by cutting through the noise with content that’s backed by research and statistics. Pique your audience’s interest and generate highly qualified leads with your gated whitepaper.

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