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Personalization in Sales and Marketing Outreach [Podcast]

This week on the Unlocking Pure Revenue Podcast, we talked all about personalization in sales and marketing. This is a huge topic of debate on what works best from prospecting to marketing nurture. It’s clear that there are certain ways to approach personalization, however, there’s no definitive answer for what works best. In fact, there are about a thousand different options when it comes to outreach. Take that and layer on all the different software you can onboard to help make your personalization better, and now you’re looking at a a whole job title based on managing the sales and marketing outreach. That’s right, this type of work is hard, and it takes years of practice and research to fully master it.

Managing Quality and Quantity of Outreach

Some leaders may argue that you can’t possibly have both quality and quantity when it comes to sales and marketing activity. For some professionals, that may be true. However, it’s possible to enable quality of outreach and pair it with high volumes of activity, you just need to look at what personalization truly is. At its most basic form, personal outreach includes properly addressing the person you’re reaching out to and finding some level of commonality/ relevant interest. Why does this matter? Well, think about the last email or text you responded to- you likely had something to contribute to the conversation and were interested in how everything played out. You want your prospects and/or leads to have a stake in the in conversation.

So how can you streamline the process to get a high amount of activity while also being relevant and thoughtful to your prospects? It’s not easy, and we cover a lot of this in detail on the show. In summary however, you need to have three main items you cover in every single outreach:
– Relevance of conversation/ why you’re reaching out.
– Why your information matters to the prospect.
– Actionable next steps the prospect can take.

Take a listen to this week’s episode and you’ll learn all about it! We’re joined by Marketing Programs Manager at Everbridge, Anupriya Rath; and DemandScience VP of Commercial Sales, Joe Espinosa.

Here are the topics we cover in this episode:

  1. Define what personalization means in your outreach.
  2. How is your team tackling customer/prospect communication?
  3. Talk about an experience you had receiving a personalized sales/marketing email.
  4. How is your team using personalization to align with other departments in your org?
  5. Any recommendations on how to start adding in personalization


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