Demand Generation

Thinking 10 Steps Ahead with Your Demand Generation in 2022 [on-demand webinar]

How would you feel if we told you that demand generation is essentially a marketing and sales version of chess? Think about it- chess requires multiple moves to get ahead of your opponent, following a unique strategy to finally initiate a checkmate. Marketing and sales are no different. You’re working towards an end goal of closing a deal, and that process requires multiple steps in an over-arching strategy.

2020 wasn’t kind to the demand generation marketer, and most felt their databases were left in ruin towards the end of the year. Knowing that demand generation Is often times a long form strategy, what can you do to ensure that you come out ahead in 2021? Luckily, we hosted a webinar recently that talks through the strategic approach to demand generation and how to capitalize on the current market.

There you have it, a comprehensive look into building a successful demand generation strategy for 2021. Two big takeaways from this are:

  • Segment your marketing data
  • Separate inbound lead development vs outbound sales development.

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