Demand Generation

Three Ninja-Like Tactics for Generating Event Leads in 2022

Digital events are growing in popularity, but making the best of them takes a strategic approach. We all do it…we sign up for that webinar we’re genuinely interested in, but it falls down the list of priorities day-of as issues of the day arise. And even if you do attend, your full attention isn’t always there. How can you drive attendance and count and who you’re looking for to actually show up and actively participate? With the right approach and a ninja warrior mindset, you can generate worthwhile leads from online events to exceed your goals.

Think Long Term

I get it, you have registrant and attendee goals you need to hit like RIGHT NOW for your live events and webinars, but decimating your budget and long-term strategy for short-term goal achievement is a recipe for a painful back half of the year. The foundation to long-term event success is building an opt-in marketable database. There are a ton of ways to approach this, the most common being social media, retargeting, and third-party content syndication. They all have their pluses and minuses, but what’s important here is volume and cost effectiveness. The goal for this strategy is to acquire the highest amount of leads that meet your target buyer persona for the lowest overall spend. Focus on content and topics that speak to your target buyers’ roles and challenges (not necessarily your product). When it’s time to drive engagement with your live event, this pool of qualified contacts will drive ROI for months to come.

Everyone Loves Prizes

The biggest challenge with live events is getting the folks who’ve signed up to attend. If your calendar looks like mine, carving out an hour for a webinar can be a daunting task, and everyday brings with it a new fire drill. A live event giveaway or content can be a massively successful tactic to drive stickiness on the day of the event. I know I know…but what if people only come for the prize? Sure, there may be one of two folks who show up for the chance to win an Amazon Echo, but the majority were interested anyway and just needed a good reason to hit “join meeting now.” Leveraging a quality opt-in data set (see option 1) is especially imperative when throwing an incentive into the mix, so make sure your promotions are targeting to your ideal customer profile (ICP).

Give to Get

Two of every three of your online events should be on topics that solve common challenges for your target buyer, but not necessarily connected to your products and services. Prospects can smell a sales pitch a mile away, and while it’s important to showcase the value of your products and services, if you get the reputation of “sales pitches” disguised as live events, then no matter how good you do #1 and #2 you’ll be ice skating uphill. Talk about hot topics that your target buyers are passionate about; find a subject matter expert in something that your company doesn’t do but your buyers struggle with. There is unlimited value in providing value without asking for anything in return.

At the end of the day, your live event isn’t going to be successful if it’s all about you: your products, your lead generation goals, or your topics of interest. Put yourself in buyers’ shoes and let this standpoint drive your decisions through planning and execution. Would I attend this event and actually participate and why? What are the roles and challenges my buyers face? What are some unrelated products my buyers would like to own? What topics are my buyers passionate about? Ask these questions and you’ll be on your way to building that opt-in marketable database that is qualified for engagement.

Casting a wide net with your content marketing while maintaining a consistent flow of quality leads is a challenge every modern marketer faces. Target and engage the right B2B buyers with PureSyndication!

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