Fuel Growth with Technology Insight

Data That Delivers

Technographics for Prospecting

Gain insights into the hardware and software installs of existing or potential customers. Segment accounts based on current technology stacks and gain a complete picture of the tech a company uses to run its business.

Technology Install Base

Understand the technology landscape of your key accounts with access to accurate technographic intelligence:

  • Make timely product recommendations
  • Conduct competitor displacement campaigns
  • Guide sales messaging


Informed Pitching

A clear understanding of an account’s technology stack gives you the ability to create a tailored pitch and have more informed conversations.

Increase Close Rates

Minimize resources spent targeting accounts whose technology stack is not a good fit for your products.

Competitive Advantage

Optimize competitor displacement campaigns or target accounts as they consider making a change.

Penetrate New Markets

With visibility into active technology installs, discover new opportunities for expanding your total addressable market (TAM).

Get results with our technographic data. Hear it straight from our customers.

What Our Customers Say

“Data is great and particularly knowledge-built data I haven’t found elsewhere. But it’s the people behind it that have stood out as much as anything.”

Oli S.
Founder, Mid-market

“The database has a great coverage of over 90 countries worldwide and the data quality is top notch!”

Samantha L.
Enterprise, Telecomm

“The best thing about DemandScience Intelligence is confirmed connect, the ability to easily apply multiple filters, and apply confirmed connect – which is one of the best features.”

Timothy S.
Director of Sales, Dinvy

“I am loving the ability to qualify target organizations and titles based on buyer intent.”

Courtney P.
Director of Marketing, Mid-Market

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