Demand Science Acquires Airborne App, Inc. to Further Enhance its Global B2B Intelligence Platform

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Airborne marks Demand Science’s sixth acquisition in under a year as revenue growth accelerates

July 20, 2021: Demand Science, a global revenue intelligence platform that drives growth for hundreds of the world’s largest software, technology, and B2B services companies, today announced the acquisition of Airborne App, Inc. Founded by Lee Gladish and Michael Morckos, Airborne is a Toronto-based sales engagement and enablement software platform. The acquisition is Demand Science’s sixth since August 2020, and further enhances its global B2B data and intelligence solutions for sales and marketing professionals.

Counting both organic performance and recent acquisitions, Demand Science is growing over 100% year over year and leads the B2B marketplace in technology-forward, data-centric products and solutions. Demand Science creates strong ROI for its SMB, Middle Market, and Enterprise clients by providing a one-stop-shop for data, demand generation, intelligence, content, and analytics solutions. The acquisition of Airborne brings a leading-edge sales software solution that enables sellers to run their day-to-day business through a single centralized platform with unified reporting, administration, and AI-powered decision making.

“At Demand Science, we continue to execute against our mission to provide the single, trusted source for global B2B Intelligence solutions to drive growth for marketers, sellers, and business owners powered by leading-edge technology and healthy data,” said Peter Cannone, CEO of Demand Science. “We will be integrating the Airborne solution across our offerings to further accelerate our growth.”

Airborne is a purpose-built, fully transparent sales engagement platform that empowers sales reps to structure their day, manage relationships, and automate sales tasks across phone calls, emails, and social touches. This creates the highest yield on their actions by driving revenue-generating activities and outreach recommendations around sales strategy and execution. The Airborne solution will be offered to clients as both a standalone and integrated offering with Demand Science’s current Data and Intelligence solutions.

“Demand Science shares a common vision of delivering software products and solutions that solve the problems of today’s data and analytics-focused B2B sellers,” said Lee Gladish, CEO of Airborne. “By partnering with fellow entrepreneurs and business builders at Demand Science, we found a platform and partner that could extend our reach and enhance our sales acceleration solution for the global market at scale.”

“As teams increasingly adopt data, intelligence and analytics-based decision making into their processes to drive revenue growth, the needs of marketing and sales professionals for streamlined sales acceleration, engagement, and enablement solutions will only continue to increase. This rapidly growing market is expected to double in size over the next few years,” said Bill Harrigan, Chief Strategy Officer of Demand Science. “By bringing Airborne into the Demand Science family, we can deliver even more value to our global client base of B2B companies across enterprise technology, software, and B2B services.”

About Demand Science

Demand Science is a global revenue intelligence platform that accelerates demand generation for the world’s largest software, technology and B2B companies. Leveraging decades of experience in B2B market intelligence, analytics, content trends, and predictive intent, Demand Science delivers healthy data and prioritized buyer insights that align sales and marketing professionals with more qualified audiences.

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