Demand Science Launches PurePulse to Help B2B Marketers Solve Mid-Funnel Demand Generation Challenges with up to 20X ROI

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PurePulse’s Decisional Intent Data is the Fourth Layer of Intent Data Fueling the Demand Science Global Buyer Intelligence Platform

Danvers, MA, May 12, 2020 — Demand Science, providing a Global Revenue Intelligence Platform with an integrated B2B solution suite that drives growth for a thousand of the world’s largest software, technology and B2B services companies, today announced the launch of PurePulse, a mid-funnel demand generation solution for B2B companies. PurePulse, a data and intelligence product, uses primary-source decisional intent data to identify in-market buyers. Customers in a recent three-month pre-launch program realized up to 20x return on investment.

“Mid-funnel lead and demand generation has become an increasingly challenging task for marketers. Our mission with the development of PurePulse was to eliminate this mid-funnel gap for B2B marketing and sales teams and keep leads from slipping through the cracks,” explained Christopher Rack, Chief Revenue Officer of Demand Science and President of PureB2B. “Attracting and successfully capturing these leads consistently at scale strengthens the revenue generation pipeline, delivers increased conversion rates and ROI, and provides the ability to more accurately model marketing and revenue forecasts.”

Decisional Intent Added to Demand Science’s PurePredict Predictive Analytics Engine

As part of its approach to ensuring the health and fidelity of its data, Demand Science regularly engages with its global database of 131 million B2B technology buyers. Buyers are invited to take “pulse” surveys during the form-fill experience when content is downloaded. This direct decisional intent data is now synthesized with our PurePredict analytics engine and delivers mid-funnel in-market buyer intent as a subscription-based solution.

Decisional Intent data has become the fourth layer of intent data in Demand Science’s PurePredict predictive analytics engine. PurePredict already combines contact-level intent, company-level social media intent triggers, and domain-level consumption trends to provide the most accurate buying predictions available in the market today.

“Our PurePulse solution is identifying thousands of companies every month looking to purchase software and solutions. The accuracy of this directly-generated decisional intent data enables us to provide these mid-funnel, self-identifying leads to our B2B software and technology clients, and complements the top of funnel success our clients are seeing. During our initial testing of this solution, we have already seen leads convert at an accelerated rate,” added Pete Cannone, CEO of Demand Science.

For more information on PurePulse visit here, and for more information on PurePredict visit here.

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