DemandScience Enhances Platform with the Release of Confirmed Connect

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B2B sales and marketing professionals can optimize pipeline generation efforts with proprietary data from 10 million monthly phone and email connections

DANVERS, Mass, (10/6/2021) — DemandScience, the global B2B buyer intelligence platform that drives growth for over a thousand of the world’s largest software, technology, and B2B services companies, today announced the release of Confirmed Connect, a unique addition to its data and intelligence offerings. Delivered through its Leadiro platform, DemandScience has augmented its intelligence by providing contact engagement insights, enabling sales and marketing professionals to gain efficiencies in reaching in-market buyers.

“The ability to easily prioritize the best contacts and companies for sales and marketing outreach is still the single biggest pain point for B2B teams today,” said Peter Cannone, CEO of DemandScience. “Confirmed Connect is a value proposition we uniquely provide, addressing this challenge by analyzing data from over 10 million monthly market engagements to identify B2B decision makers with the highest propensity to convert.” 

With the addition of Confirmed Connect, through Demand Science’s data and intelligence platform, Leadiro, users can pinpoint specific contacts based on their recent email and phone-based engagement trends, with increased potential to reach and convert in-market buyers. 

“By layering this proprietary engagement data into our platform, we connect our B2B clients with buyers who we’ve confirmed opened or clicked on an email, and/or picked up the phone within the past 30/60/90 days,” added Chris Rack, DemandScience CRO. “Confirmed Connect pushes past simple data validity into engagement, maximizing the ROI for B2B sales and marketing teams.”  

For DemandScience, the addition of Confirmed Connect gives global users an even more robust solution for efficient, effective pipeline generation, making it an invaluable revenue generation tool for sales and marketing professionals.  

For the just ended September quarter, DemandScience completed its fifth successive quarter of record bookings and, with 2021 revenue well exceeding $100M, is on pace to achieve 100% YoY revenue growth. 

About DemandScience

DemandScience is a global buyer intelligence platform that accelerates demand generation for the world’s largest software, technology and B2B companies. Leveraging decades of experience in B2B market intelligence, analytics, content trends, and predictive intent, DemandScience delivers healthy data and prioritized buyer insights that align sales and marketing professionals with more qualified audiences.

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