Announcing New Integrated Features for Expanded Company Intelligence Across a Global B2B Intelligence Platform

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Enhanced Segmentation Plus Integrated Predictive Intent Points to Greater Sales Efficiencies

August 11, 2021: Demand Science, a global B2B revenue intelligence platform that drives growth for over a thousand of the world’s largest software, technology, and B2B services companies, today announced the deployment of enhancements to Leadiro, its data and intelligence platform. These features support multiple go-to-market strategies by creating more actionable segments based on business “specialties”.  This enhancement enables sellers, marketers and business owners to refine their target account engagement with greater specificity when compared to approaches that rely on standard industry codes.

“As businesses embrace the new digital economy, sales and marketing organizations are shifting towards data-driven approaches to accelerate revenue growth,” said Demand Science CEO Peter Cannone. “Our goal is to provide tools across the data and intelligence landscape that simplify the experience and augment the value derived by our users globally.  By adding industry specialties to their go-to-market strategies, coupled with our intent signals, our clients can focus their engagement efforts on prospects with a greater propensity to purchase.”

The addition of industry Specialties allows for prospect qualification with another layer of refinement, going beyond “Marketing and Advertising” companies to those who focus on “B2B Demand Generation”, “Sales Intelligence” or “Sales Enablement.”

To further streamline the client experience and make intelligence more actionable, Demand Science has integrated its PurePredict intent engine with Salesforce (SFDC).  This integration supports the prioritization of lead engagement by identifying buying signals across four sources of intent through augmented scoring.  Our enhanced Account Based Intelligence (ABI) helps professionals add to their Total Addressable Market (TAM) by expanding specific industries and companies in market for their solutions.

“Our approach to Account Based Intelligence allows sales and marketing leaders to prioritize target accounts, identify green field opportunities, and expand their TAM through the combination of accurate and timely intent signals, technographic installs, and refined firmographic data,” explained Chris Rack, Demand Science Chief Revenue Officer. “Clients realize an expanded TAM by using the intelligence of our platform to identify more relevant prospects exhibiting the same buying signals with qualified business indicators. All professionals are looking for increased sales efficiency and accelerated revenue growth.  These enhancements are only the beginning of the sales enablement solutions we are rolling out to our clients at Demand Science.”

About Demand Science

Demand Science is a global B2B revenue intelligence platform that accelerates demand generation and go to market success for the world’s largest software, technology and B2B companies. Leveraging decades of experience in B2B market intelligence, analytics, content trends, and predictive intent, Demand Science delivers healthy data, prioritized buyer insights, and timely information that align sales and marketing professionals with more qualified and larger target audiences.

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