Account Intelligence 

Enhance your marketing precision with accurate account insights.

Drive smarter strategies and improve results with superior Account Intelligence. 

Empower your strategies with advanced account intelligence.

Our Account Intelligence platform, powered by DemandScience’s unmatched global first-party data, streamlines your ABM and campaign strategies. It simplifies your market research and targeting and assesses intent for informed marketing choices.

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Uncover your path to success with key features of our Account Intelligence platform.

Build and refine your prospect list in real time.

Activate your whole team with shared lists.

Monitor team activity with your prospecting dashboard.

Enrich your CRM with quality data in one click.

Account Intelligence FAQs

Account intelligence refers to the comprehensive collection and analysis of high-quality marketing data about prospects. It includes enhancing your current data (data enrichment), understanding the demographics, firmographics, and technographics of your prospects, and leveraging intent data to grasp their current interests. This holistic approach enables effective targeting and personalized marketing strategies. 

Account Intelligence enhances your marketing strategy by providing comprehensive insights into your target market, enabling more precise targeting, strategic planning, and improved campaign outcomes. 

DemandScience distinguishes itself through its unwavering commitment to data accuracy. Our proprietary email verification process is just one aspect of our Live Data Factory, ensuring the most precise contact records. Additionally, we enrich our data using a multi-factor intent model that uses AI algorithms to identify in-market buyers effectively. Beyond data accuracy, our unparalleled Customer Experience Managers and Support teams strive for a true partnership with our customers, aiming to simplify your job and enhance your overall experience.

Account Intelligence assists in building effective ABM lists by providing accurate data enrichment, deep insights into target markets, and comprehensive tools for researching Total Addressable Market (TAM), Target Account List (TAL), and Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Yes, Account Intelligence can significantly improve campaign targeting by enabling marketers to understand the needs, behaviors, and intent of potential accounts, resulting in more personalized and effective marketing campaigns.