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5 Free Sales Tools You Should Be Using Right Now

In the trying times we’re all experiencing, businesses still have to operate effectively, sales teams still need to sell, marketers need to market.  In a sense, we’re all tasked to do quite a bit more (with a whole lot less).  Working from home while homeschooling your kids, manage budgets and people remotely.  What could go wrong?

From a sales perspective, it’s even more challenging than ever to prospect.  It’s important to tread lightly so don’t come across as trying to take advantage of a very hapless situation.  You have to be more mindful on how your messaging is received, the empathy you have, and the overall “human” element you’re actually bringing to that person or conversation.  

There’s always a lot to think about, but at a time like right now, being extra mindful can go a long way.  In companies that are either trying to be extra nimble with budgets, ones that haven’t yet made the investment into a sparkly “tech stack,” or just others trying to look for a little edge, there are some great free tools to help you do your job more effectively.


The obvious, right?  But still has to be added.  “Getting to know” your customer without actually getting to know them is hard.  At it’s simplest form, it can help make sure you’re talking to the right person, with the right title, at the right company (minor details, right?).  But furthermore, it can help you build targeted “lists,” prospect to the folks you know can find value in what you sell, and help you plan your day more effectively.  You can find recent buzz around a specific prospects and use that information in your outreach messages. You can check out their career and or education history; did you go to the same college?  Did you know someone from a past role they had at a different company?  Use these little nuggets as your way to personalize your approach.


Part of my daily dose of tech happens to be Crunchbase.  Want to understand a prospect’s business a bit more in-depth?  Crunchbase gives you the behind the scenes information: what investment stage is a company at, what companies lead the most recent round of funding, current leadership, and competitive landscapes.  Crunchbase has it all, and provides a wonderful source of competitive intel for a sales professional to take advantage of when better understanding their accounts.  After all, we should be account-based-selling subject to the tools available to us nowadays.


For those of you still sending over PDF files and putting it on your client to upload somewhere or scan and send back, time to up your game a bit!  There are plenty of ways to digitally sign a document. Thankfully there’s also companies like HelloSign giving users a limited amount of “signed docs” for free each month.  It’s not a lot, but if you have that really important document, and want to look like you’re not living under a rock, maybe use one of your limited sends!

Last thing we want to do while working remotely is lose track of the productivity we’ve maintained with our daily routines.  If your process working from home is a bit more fragmented than in the office; using a scheduling app to schedule meetings can cut eliminate the back and forth between clients, prospects, and even colleagues. A simple link that can tie right into your prospecting messages always does the trick!

Calm/Headspace/10% Happier

This one isn’t necessarily a sales/marketing tool (though one could argue), but worth adding onto this list, as we can all use a good “pause” during the day. Take some time to self reflection, be mindful, and just breath during these unforeseen times. Apps like Calm, Headspace, 10% happier, and probably a dozen others can help take you to that place. Most of which have plenty of solid free content on there to start.