5 Ways to Increase Sales Lead Conversions

Making the Most of Sales Leads

The question every sales leader asks themselves, multiple times a day, is, “how can I create more opportunities this week?” That’s a fair question to ask, and one that doesn’t always have a definite answer. There are a lot of variables to take into consideration when one looks at sales lead conversions. For one, every sales rep varies in experience and capability. In short—mistakes happen.

The question stands. How can you really increase the number of opportunities you get from the sales leads your team is working with? Well, there are a handful of tactics that have made their way into the limelight as of late—and have proven success rates. Without further ado, here are five ways to help increase your sales lead conversions.

1. Video Prospecting

It may seem cliché, especially with the emergence of short-form videos taking over the content landscape; but video prospecting has been proven to work. For those who are still reluctant to adopt this strategy, think about things this way. Your prospects are more than likely jaded from reading the same emails over and over again from not only you, but all your competitors, and even other companies looking to gain their business.

A video (if done well) feels like a concise way to receive information while proving personalization was used—triggering the empathy requirement so many buyers are looking for nowadays. On top of that, podcasts and videos still remain one of the most consumed forms of social content consumed. So, why not give the people what they want?

2. Testing New CTAs

Believe it or not, the call to action you’re using in your current emails or phone calls probably closely resembles what other salespeople are doing. That’s not always a bad thing. However, it may be worth your time to look at a different way to spur on a sales meeting request. At its core, a call to action is a request for someone to follow through with a targeting action. What if that call to action resulted in a content download? The next part of the sales cadence seems like a given—follow up on their thoughts on the content you sent them.

A common misconception is that all prospecting activities must result in a meeting set and an opportunity created. Sometimes your sales leads require a little less of an aggressive approach. Not every person responds well to being asked for their time, and the same goes for your buyers. Sometimes a give-to-get mentality can go a long way.

3. Quality Over Quantity

Just because a lead has been identified as a sales qualified lead, doesn’t mean it’s ready to be prioritized over other prospects your salespeople are working on. There’s a temptation when it comes to lead generation – more is best. That’s not always the case. You should always keep in mind your targeted buyer persona and ideal customer profile.

Sales leads are easily optimized by looking through the data in your CRM and relevant marketing campaigns to see any trends that might point towards the buyer making a decision, vs “just looking”. Take a look at how each lead is behaving and responding to various outreach activity from both sales and marketing.

4. Live Demos

A great way to naturally build interest in your products is to invite all of your qualified sales leads to a live demo in which you walk them through the different functions of your products without pushing for a sale. This can be a great way to enable conversation between your sales reps and their accounts, while also providing a space for leads to ask questions without the fear of being sold to.

A live demo should result in a strong follow-up about the different features that were talked about and how they address the prospect’s needs and possible challenges. It’s also a perfect bridge for bringing in other decision makers or stakeholders in the purchasing process.

5. Personalization Counts

The conversation around personalization in sales has grown exponentially in years, mostly coming from a general disdain for templated emails and generic outreach. In reality, your buyers value effort and empathy over the amount of information and benefits you send them. Personalization in sales prospecting can look different for every team, but it almost always comes down to needs vs benefits. No one cares what your product does until they have a challenge they need to address.

Understanding the different needs your sales leads might have can be difficult at first. Take a look at all the information you have on the lead and work backwards. What do they do? What kind of company do they work for? If you can answer these questions, you can come up with a list of probable needs the prospect might have.

Improved Lead Quality Begins With DemandScience

There are a lot more strategies for improving sales lead conversions that weren’t listed here. Really, there are an infinite number of tactics you can use to create more revenue opportunities. All it requires is a little creativity and research about your buyers.

If you’re interested in learning more about converting leads. Check out our lead development solutions. DemandScience has spent time creating a strategic outreach for our clients to use to not only help increase the number of sales meetings set but also boost brand awareness and conversations with key accounts.