5 Smart Strategies to Avoid Out-of-Market Leads

If you’ve ever poured blood, sweat, and tears into a marketing campaign, you know that any resulting unsubscribes feel like getting a heavy door slammed in your face. The reality, however, is you were likely talking to leads who were “out-of-market.” That is, they’re just not into you and what you’re selling. There are many reasons why this happens but the simplest is you were getting irrelevant leads to begin with.

Of course, the next question should be why are you getting out-of-market, irrelevant leads. It’s not uncommon if you’re approaching lead generation as a numbers game. That is, you fill your lists with leads with a quantity over quality mindset—with no validation or verification. If you want to learn a better way, read on.

Strategy #1: Validate What Leads You Do Have

Even the best marketers sometimes don’t recognize they might be working with unvalidated and unchecked databases. This is particularly true if you’re new to a company or working from a pre-existing database, which is a pretty tough place to start from. Validation literally means reaching out to each unique lead to essentially ask if they are who they are and if they’re interested in what you have to offer.

Alternatively, you can cut your losses and start fresh. At DemandScience, we work with a database of over 131 million B2B contacts that are verified and organized along demographic, firmographic, technographic lines—as well as other relevant datapoints. These can form the foundation of a strong content syndication campaign to further gauge leads’ interest and place your key messaging in front of the right people.

Strategy #2: Incorporate Verification from the Get-Go

In many ways, this strategy depends and builds upon the first one. Even if you start from a solid foundation of verified leads, you’ll want to keep the process going—or even integrate it into your workflow from the very start to ensure your inbound leads are already vetted for being in-market. PureSyndication gives you that. We assign quality control researchers who examine your content syndication campaigns to ensure the leads coming in align with your marketing and keyword strategies.

More than that, they monitor which leads receive the content you syndicate and check which ones engage with you. Eventually, they also determine which ones are worth drawing into your database. This is crucial to ensure further marketing efforts—and eventually the work of your sales teams—flow a lot more smoothly. Specifically, what they look for is interest and intent to purchase what you have to offer. This is certainly added value over just having the “right” people to contact.

Strategy #3: Put Forward Your Best Content and Look at the Data

If you want to purge out-of-market leads, you have to ensure you’re attracting the right people. The way to do it with content syndication is to send relevant messages. By relevant, we mean ones that address key concerns and pain points, are clear on what’s being offered, and are tailored with a specific demographic in mind. With PureSyndication, you not only get that, but you also get predictive analytics to help to narrow things down even more.

What that means is you’re not only sending the right message to the right people, but you’re also looking at those who show they’re interested—whether that’s by engaging with your content, by sharing your content, and even by reaching out to you. Having the ideal candidates placed in front of you is a major advantage. What you do from there is dependent upon your nurturing and sales programs, of course, but at least you’ll finally be on-market with your leads. And that is the true goal.

You don’t have to keep struggling with out-of-market leads. With PureSyndication, you have the advantage of starting off with great quality leads, which you can then serve with your best content and ultimately come away with a keen understanding of interest and intent—an added bonus that will drive your marketing and sales efforts in the right direction.

Inject strategy into your lead generation efforts and you won’t regret it. Talk to us today and we can help you develop a potent content syndication plan that generates relevant, in-market leads that want what you have to offer. Find out more.