Lead Generation

Best Lead Providers & Lead Generation Tools

How would your business benefit from a constant source of qualified leads?

In this article, we’re going to show you the best lead providers and lead generation tools out there today.

All of these tools will help you identify contact details for leads, which your sales reps can use to reach out and engage with them.

We’ll look at tools such as B2B databases, to email verification tools, to tools designed to find emails from LinkedIn.

We’re confident you’ll find a lead provider for you in this article, so without further ado let’s jump into the post.

What is a Lead Provider?

A lead provider is a service, tool, or product that you can use to source more leads for your business.

Lead providers are useful if you want to scale your outbound sales and marketing processes, and don’t have an existing list of leads to contact.

You can find, download, and use the data from these tools to supercharge your sales process.

Why use a Lead Provider? Can’t I Find Leads Myself?

If you’re here looking for a lead provider, you’ve probably already realized why they’re so useful.

Lead provider tools allow B2B companies to speed up your sales process by getting more leads into your pipeline, faster.

Inbound marketing and advertising can generate qualified leads. But, you’re always going to be waiting and hoping that great leads turn up at your door, and it can be hard to guarantee that they do.

Nothing beats being able to send an email or call your ideal customer directly.

You need a lead provider to supply your sales team with data to power your outbound cold campaigns or Account-Based Marketing campaigns.

They’ll save your team hours (or days!) of work sourcing leads and making sure their contact data is up-to-date and verified.

Choosing the Best Lead Provider for Your Business

There is a wide range of lead providing tools out there.

Some have their own B2B contact database, and others will tap into an external resource, such as LinkedIn, to source data.

We’re going to look at some of the most effective lead providers out there.

You’ll discover a range of tools, all with unique functionality.

We’ll provide an overview of each tools’ key details such as the data they provide, pricing, whether they’re GDPR compliant (or not), and more.

So, let’s take a look at the tools.

Best Lead Generation Software and Tools

Best B2B Data Provider

If you’re looking to source leads at scale, then these B2B data providers could be just what you’re looking for.

These tools help you source qualified leads at scale based on your specified criteria, and they all provide you with emails and direct dials. Let’s take a look at them.


Price: Free trial, then starts at $99/mo

GDPR-ready?: Yes

leadiro b2b data

Leadiro is the go-to platform for finding qualified B2B leads. You can search for leads from a massive database of 44+ million B2B profiles that spans 90+ countries. You can easily find and download your lead lists based on the criteria that you apply and filter by.

You can filter leads by job titles, industry, company size, and a range of other demographic, technographic, and firmographic filters.

Leadiro is ideal for companies looking to scale up their outbound sales and marketing work by with high-quality prospect lists.

Leadiro’s data is all GDPR-compliant as we only use publicly available data.

We also regularly clean and validate the data to ensure it’s up-to-date and you’ll see high email deliverability rates.


Price: Quote based

GDPR-ready?: Yes


DiscoverOrg is a B2B data (link to new B2B data article) and sales prospect intelligence solution for enterprise companies.

You’ll have access to resources such as organizational charts to help you send sales emails or target ABM campaigns to the right people in a company. You’ll also have access to direct dials and email addresses.

It’s a powerful tool but is on the higher end of the pricing compared to most other tools in this list. You’ll need to request a demo and then will receive a custom quote based on your data requirements.

Regardless, DiscoverOrg is a powerful tool and the price can be worth it for some businesses.

Mint UK

Price: Quote based

GDPR-ready?: Yes

mint uk

If you need comprehensive data on UK-based businesses, then Mint UK is a good option.

Mint UK’s database comprises of UK-based businesses and has comprehensive information on company financials, credit scores, map data, news stories published, M&A data and rumors, and technographic data.

You can also integrate Mint UK with your existing CRM to enrich your existing data. This can give your sales team more insight into your existing leads and help them close deals more easily.

Mint UK is a powerful solution but is only going to be worth it if you’re selling to enterprise companies in the UK and need access to a wide range of data to determine deal fit.

Dun & Bradstreet

Price: Quote based

GDPR-ready?: Yes

dun and bradstreet

Like the solutions we’ve already looked at, Dun & Bradstreet have their own B2B database and you can buy access to it.

According to their site, they have over 120 million business records, so finding qualified leads shouldn’t be an issue.

Like Mint UK, you can integrate Dun & Bradstreet with your CRM to enrich data and speed up your workflow.

Dun & Bradstreet have a custom, quote-based pricing plan and you can expect it to be one of the more expensive solutions in this post.


Price: Starts at $295/mo

GDPR-ready?: Yes


Builtwith is one of the leading technographics solutions out there.

You can use it to find companies using a particular tech stack or technologies, thanks to their database of over 25,270+ web tools. This makes it easy to create a list of qualified leads for your business.

However, you will often need to use Builtwith in partnership with a separate email finder tool.

They usually provide generic company emails, but in some cases, they may not have details on individuals within companies.

Find Individual Emails


Price: Starts at 34€ /mo

GDPR-ready?: Yes


If you have a list of companies and need email addresses, then Hunter.io is for you.

Hunter works by scraping the web for company email addresses and adding them to their tool.

They have over 200+ million email addresses indexed and you can usually find accurate emails in there. If they don’t have the email address indexed, Hunter will make suggestions based on regularly used email address structures used in the company.

Depending on the company, it can be hit or miss, but if you’re not doing high-volume sales but do need to occasionally find email addresses, then Hunter is ideal for you.

Voila Norbert

Price: Starts at $39/mo

GDPR-ready?: Yes

voila norbert

Voila Norbert is a standalone email finder tool that lets you source emails for people at a range of companies.

You’ll need to know the person’s first and last name, as well as their company domain name. Then, Voila Norbet will source the email from their database, which you can go ahead and use.

They don’t disclose where their email data comes from but do say they’re GDPR compliant in their Privacy Policy.


Price: Starts at $29/mo

GDPR-ready?: Yes


Snov.io is a cold email outreach automation platform. They have a variety of tools on their platform, but we’ll focus on their email finder.

Snov.io’s email finder collects emails from publicly available sources to ensure GDPR compliance (remember, it’s up to you to ensure that you’re using the data in a GDPR compliant manner).

You can search for emails of up to 2000 domains at once. So, if you have a ready-made list of companies ready to target in your next ABM campaign, you can use Snov.io to quickly find those emails for your list.

You can also find leads from their database and filter by firmographic data such as industry, company size, number of employees, and other relevant criteria.


Price: Free

GDPR-ready?: Yes


Mailtester is a simple but useful tool. You can use it to test the validity of individual email addresses.

If you’re about to email a lead but aren’t sure if their email is accurate, Mailtester will flag any issues with the address, and run SMTP verification to ensure it will deliver.

It’s not foolproof, as not all email servers allow for SMTP verification, but it’s useful for sales reps who send a low volume of cold email and want to test email addresses before sending.

Find Emails from Social Media Data

These tools are all made to help you use social media for lead generation.

Many of them work as Chrome extensions, allowing you to access contact data for leads quickly while you’re prospecting on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Price: Starts at $79.99/user

GDPR-ready?: Yes

linkedin sales navigatr

If you already use LinkedIn for sales prospecting, then having a Sales Navigator account is a no-brainer.

Sales Navigator integrates with Gmail and Outlook Web, enabling you to verify that emails belong to a valid LinkedIn user before sending. As you can expect, you can also send InMails which can be useful in your ABM campaigns.

There is also a range of tools that integrate with Sales Navigator to help you extract email addresses from LinkedIn profiles at scale.


Price: Starts at $75/mo

GDPR-ready?: Yes


Lusha is a B2B lead enrichment tool. That means that while you’re browsing sites like LinkedIn, or using Gmail or Salesforce, it will provide you with key details about the profiles you’re visiting.

Lusha also integrates with Salesforce and enriches your contact data, so your sales team will always have access to up-to-date contact data for your leads.

Anymail finder

Price: Starts at £29 one-off or monthly

GDPR-ready?: Yes

anymail finder

Anymail finder is a simple and affordable tool for finding individual emails or many at once.

One nice aspect of Anymail finder is that if they guess an email based on commonly used company email structure, but can’t verify it, they’ll provide it to you for free.

Find That Lead

Price: Free tier, paid plan starts at $49/mo

GDPR-ready?: Yes

find that lead

Find That Lead is a software tool to find individual email addresses. According to their website, as long as you have your lead’s first name, last name, and website name, they’ll source the email for you.

It works by matching the details you provide against their existing email database, and either matching your details with a real email or providing their best guess based on the most common company email format.

Considering it has a free tier, it’s worth trying if you have a list of contacts and site names but no email addresses.


Price: Starts at $49/mo

GDPR-ready?: Yes


Aeroleads is a tool to find both B2B emails and phone numbers via a Chrome plugin.

When you’re prospecting on sites like LinkedIn or AngelList, Aeroleads matches the person and company names with their email database and lets you download any matches.

It lets you transfer your lead lists directly to CRMs such as Salesforce, Pipedrive, and HubSpot CRM, which will help it fit into your workflow with ease.


Price: Free tier available, paid plans start at $49/mo

GDPR-ready?: Yes

skrapp io

Skrapp is a popular tool, and for good reason. They index emails from publicly available web pages, so the data is GDPR compliant.

Skrapp has a standalone tool as well as a Chrome extension, which you can use to see contact details for profiles on LinkedIn. It should fit into your workflow with ease and is an effective way to prospect on social media.

Skrapp doesn’t provide phone numbers, which is a limitation compared to some other tools here.

Visitor IP Lookup Tools

Visitor IP Lookup Tools are gaining popularity as they can be a useful way to gain insights on your site visitors. You can use these tools to see the companies that visit your website, what pages they look at, and how engaged they were on your site.

They can be highly effective for finding new leads where you previously couldn’t. Let’s take a look at the best tools for the job.

Lead Forensics

Price: Quote-based

GDPR-ready?: Yes

lead forensics

Lead Forensics is one of the leading IP lookup tools out there. Once you install the Lead Forensics tracking code on your website you’ll have access to data showing which companies visited your website, and details on how engaged they were. Lead Forensics also show you contact details for multiple people within a company.

It’s a great product for identifying new leads, and you can already pre-qualify leads based on their activity on your website. You can integrate Lead Forensics with a range of CRMs including Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Zoho CRM, and more.

The downside of the software (and this applies to all of the IP lookup software) is that you won’t know who visited your site from within a company, as the data is based on company IP, not individual profiles.

NetFactor VisitorTrack

Price: Quote-based

GDPR-ready?: Yes

visitor track

Like Lead Forensics, NetFactor’s VisitorTrack tool identifies companies visiting your website, helping you discover new opportunities from your site traffic.

What makes VisitorTrack stand out is that they combine their IP data with intent data. This means that for each company profile, you can see what they’re actively researching, and find out if they’re in the buying cycle and considering your solution.

VisitorTrack is a powerful tool, but expect to pay more than other marketing tools. You’ll need to request a demo to find out pricing details, but they do have a free trial if you want to see how it works for your business first.


Price: Starts at $49/mo

GDPR-ready?: Yes


Salespanel is another great option for seeing who is visiting and engaging with your website.

It has powerful features such as the ability to find out what content leads engaged with before filling out web forms, so you can personalize your communication with them.

You can sync website leads with your CRM, and you can also set up custom Zapier actions to export the data to different web tools.

Why Leadiro is the best lead provider for you

As you can see, there is a wide range of lead providers to help you with your lead generation efforts. However, Leadiro provides the best value for money and is packed with powerful features.

1. Accurate B2B Data

Our B2B data is always up-to-date and accurate. Our database is constantly checked and validated to ensure good deliverability rates of emails.

If you ever experience a bounced email, we’ll refund the credits and provide you with new ones.

2. In-depth filtering criteria

A key advantage of Leadiro over other lead generation tools is that you can search for leads based on a wide range of criteria.

lead filtering criteria

You can filter by technographics, firmographics, and demographics, meaning you can get a qualified list of buyers that match your ideal customer profile with ease.

3. Direct Dials and Email Data

Having email addresses alone isn’t enough.

source direct dials

If someone doesn’t respond to your email it’s hard to get their attention and re-engage them by sending more emails. You need to get on the phone to them.

Leadiro provides direct-dial data for all leads, so your sales reps can reach out directly to them. There’s no extra cost for the direct dial data either.

Recap: Best Lead Providers and Lead Generation Tools

As we’ve seen there’s a great selection of tools to help you source more qualified leads.

Whether you’re looking for high-quality B2B data to scale your sales process, or just need to find an individual email from a LinkedIn profile, these tools will have you covered.

If you’re ready to get started, you can sign up for your free trial of Leadiro here.