Demand Generation

Bridging The Gap Between Identifying & Creating In-Market Opportunities

Most marketing teams think sales-ready leads need to be found – that’s true for about 3% of them. The other 97% need to be created within companies that have a need and don’t know the solution. Creating these sales-ready leads historically has fallen to outbound sales teams, but due to the recent dramatic changes seen in the B2B landscape due to Covid-19, there is an opportunity for marketers to implement lead development processes that will yield more sales meetings without the lead churn typically seen in outbound sales.

Chris Rack and the PureB2B team have investigated the universal challenges of lead cooling or drop-off and developed marketing-focused processes to increase MQL-to-Meeting conversion rates. During this session, which is recorded and available for viewing below, Chris covered key processes needed to increase conversions and ROI, including: 

  • The value of getting in early;
  • How thought leadership impacts buying decisions; 
  • Where sales and marketing teams are missing in terms of lead expectations and follow-up; 
  • Why lead development does not replace sales development; and
  • How to build a use case for marketing-driven Lead Development Reps.

The following questions were asked during the session and here are the poll results:

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