Check out the New PureB2B Website

female sitting in chair looking at new website on her laptop

When I started Pure Incubation almost 9 years ago (has it really been that long!?) I had no idea that we would be where we are today. I mean, I always knew that Barry and I would build something amazing, but you had told me that we would have more than 200 employees in five major cities around the world. Well, I probably would have laughed at you.

But here we are.

About three years ago, we realized that it was time to spin the B2B tech and business side of our firm out into its own company – and that’s when PureB2B was born. During the past three years, the amount that’s changed in the online demand gen space is remarkable. The market continues to shift and change at an incredible speed. At the heart of the change, the move from marketing based on past behavior, to data-driven marketing based on current information, needs and consumption is transforming the way that technology companies are able to reach prospects that are in-market for technology products. It is so fun to be in the middle of this transition – watching our customers accelerate their sales processes, building products to help buyers and sellers come together more effectively and efficiently, and learning new things every day about data, intent and how behavior today can predict buying in the future.

But in the midst of all this incredible change, what had not changed was the PureB2B website. Until now.


Today I’m excited to announce that we’ve launched a new Website at to showcase the various ways that PureB2B can help technology sellers reach in-market technology buyers. If you’re looking to reach an IT or B2B audience – we have a solution for you.

Our MQL product line offers ways to generate more highly qualified leads and drive immediate ROI.

The GuidesFor site network reaches in-market tech buyers in a targeted content environment, providing a full-funnel solution that helps sponsors identify prospects that are ready to buy their solutions.

Our Account Based Marketing (ABM) solutions provide a direct way to reach a specific list of companies that you KNOW should be buying your products – with better alignment between sales and marketing.

We generate thousands of leads per month through our Content Syndication Programs, and in conjunction with our Data Services, we provide everything you need to fuel your marketing machine.

If all this solution information is too much and you’re still in the “learning about demand generation” phase, check out the PureB2B blog. We also have a wide range of additional resources, including white papers, videos and a great place to “meet” a few folks from our amazing team.


I hope you find the site useful, easy to navigate and informative. And as always, I’d love to hear from you – if there is a question you have, feedback you want to share, or success stories to contribute – please reach out to us anytime.

Thanks for the part you play in making PureB2B the amazing success it is today.

Melissa Chang
President & CEO