Content Marketing

Content Planning Journal and How to Use It

As a content marketer, you’re more than likely pulled in a hundred different directions throughout the week and by the time Friday hits, you have a hard time recounting each thing you accomplished for the week. That’s pretty normal, and unfortunately, only going to get harder going into next year. That’s why we created a daily content planning journal!

This journal is meant to be filled out each day you write a piece for your company. A good practice is to review each content planning journal entry at the end of the week and see what you can do to improve week-over-week, and month-over-month. It’s a great way to track your work, and your professional growth as a writer and a marketer!

Follow this link to download your free journal template. Feel free to check out the content creation solutions PureB2B has to offer as well. Again, content marketers are always being pulled in multiple directions and having the support of a team of creators, focused on your content success, can be immensely helpful!