Measuring Content Marketing Performance

content performance marketing

As with most business processes, content marketing is measured against how well your implemented strategies perform, however this is not always an easy process. Companies invest a lot into their content marketing strategies to break through the noise and reach their audience; it is important for marketing professionals to understand if these investments merit the ROI you need.

The effectiveness of content marketing has many facets, there is no single technique to measure your content marketing performance. In fact, different objectives require different methods to properly measure whether their campaigns reach their target KPIs.

To apply the right measurement techniques, here are a few KPI metrics you need to consider when discovering the effectiveness of your content marketing campaign.

8 Metrics Measuring Your Content Performance

Site Traffic

One of the most common indicators of a successful campaign is an increase in visitors to your website allowing transparency to your company’s products and services.

It is important to give your prospects and clients a reason to stay and invest time in researching your services. The content your company develops plays a large role in keeping people intrigued and providing solutions to their problems. If the bounce rate on your site is dramatic, chances are your content is not engaging and did not capture the interest of your prospects.

On-Site Time

On-site time is the time your prospective customer spends on your site. It’s important to follow your customer’s buyer’s journey, this involves understanding their needs and following their interests. How long a prospect spends on your site and the content they are driven to is not only an important stage in the buyer journey but also a key metric to show the content on your site is performing well.

Optimized SEO

With any successful campaign, everything begins when prospects find the answers they’re looking for in your content. But with so much noise on the internet, being found easily is not a simple task; which is why your SEO strategies should be on point. Your company has to make sure to invest in the right optimization strategy to get the organic engagement you need from people who are looking for you in the first place.

Customer Journey

Marketers often talk about the customer journey and how it is important to understand it in order to guide prospects through the sales funnel. It is important to remember that your content plays a huge role in allowing your customer journey to be smooth.

Throughout the whole journey, the content your company publishes should be industry-specific and insightful to the products you offer. Customers engaging with your content is very indicative of the performance of your content in guiding them successfully through the customer journey.

Returning Visitors

Returning visitors are one of the greatest metrics to display your content is successful and engaging.

Returning customers are often a company’s most valuable resource. It is where they get most of their sales as well as true brand advocates on the company’s behalf. According to a study from Harvard Business Review, return customers who consume your content over and over increase ROI growth by over 15X, while new customer acquisition only contributes to a 4 to 6X growth rate.

Brand Awareness

With millions of brands out in the world, it has become an uphill battle to get your brand noticed, and trusted by people. The success of any company depends on its recognizability and reputation, this is an area where content marketing should shine.

Content that adds value and provides people with relevant information helps promote the image of your brand, helping your lead base grow. When people know your brand and trust it, this is a sure sign that you are getting a good ROI on your content marketing campaign, which can help land you sales, leads, and referrals.

Social Media

Social media is now the greatest tool for word-of-mouth marketing. When content is valuable and relatable, the propensity for the content to be shared by others becomes common.

Those who share your content open the doors to a wider audience that you may not know to exist or may not have considered. The more your content is shared socially, the more it increases your brand’s reputation, which drives more traffic and leads.

Conversion Rates

Understanding your company’s conversion rate provides a clear picture of how much the company spends to get a return on marketing investments. This is why it is important to track conversions for strategies including sign-ups, email subscriptions, CTAs, conversion to leads, conversion to sales, and others.

Meet Your Objectives

Measuring the performance of your content marketing strategies is essential to making sure your company is investing and focusing on the right aspects to continue to gain prospects and keep customers. Defining an objective and matching your content marketing strategies with KPIs, will help streamline your content and adjust your content marketing strategies to gain your company better ROI.

To keep your brand and product awareness top-of-mind, there needs to be a consistent flow of content reaching your desired technology buyer personas. Working with a demand generation content provider who understands your market, can give you the competitive edge you need to maintain a highly successful content strategy. DemandScience can help—contact us today.