Sales Enablement: How to Improve Your SDR’s Productivity

Sales enablement is a continuous business development discipline that equips salespeople with the process, tools, and content to help them sell more effectively.

According to statistics, sales enablement’s adoption ballooned by a whopping 343% over the past five years. Additional data from Forrester revealed that high-performing B2B companies grow their sales enablement budget 2 times faster than low-performing organizations.

Continue reading to find out more about sales enablement and how it can improve the performance of your SDRs.

Common Challenges for SDRs

To be effective at selling, SDRs need to have a good grasp of how their products work. They also need a firm understanding of their target prospects’ pain points — if possible, better than the prospects themselves.

If that’s not stressful enough, SDRs also face a myriad of challenges that could really put their sanity to the test:

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  • Misalignment with marketing. One of the biggest challenges SDRs face is developing compelling and meaningful content that resonates with their audience. Considering how 76% of content marketers forget about sales enablement, this isn’t surprising.
  • Bad lead quality. Another byproduct of sales and marketing misalignment is bad lead quality. In most cases, it’s also the result of certain factors, like the lack of reliable prospecting tools or faulty lead scoring systems.
  • Lack of coaching. Sales reps go through many rejections and hurtful customer interactions that could render most normal people catatonic. The lack of functional coaching and support can severely cripple your team’s ability to close sales.
  • Not enough leads. There are several reasons why B2B leads are harder to come by in recent years. For one, prospects are getting more sophisticated and capable of having self-guided buyer journeys.
  • High expectations. In most companies, SDRs are often forced to meet a sales quota that borders on the unrealistic. This adds immense pressure to the already stressed sales team, especially if nothing is being done to help them reach their goals.

Tips for Improving SDR Performance

The role of SDRs in the modern B2B world can be overwhelming. But there are proven ways to get their sales efficiency back on track.

1. Streamline Communication with Marketing and Account Executives

Boosting collaboration between marketing and sales is an important step towards sales enablement.

Encourage regular one-on-one meetings between sales, marketers, and AEs to give everyone a more clear and cohesive view of the entire pipeline. There should be a feedback loop between AEs and SDRs, allowing both parties to review their strategy and goals.

Marketers and salespeople can also work together to create a refined content strategy and accelerate the lead generation and nurturing processes. Again, this can be done by streamlining communication between both teams.

2. Automate Repetitive Tasks, Focus on Selling

On top of the mentally demanding work, SDRs also handle a ton of administrative tasks, manual research, and other non-selling activities.

Fortunately, most of these repetitive and time-consuming tasks can be automated with the right tools.

Automation has several benefits for B2B sales organizations, including:

  • Minimizing the likelihood of human error
  • Performing data entry tasks quicker
  • Ensuring data uniformity and accuracy

Most importantly, automation allows sales teams to focus on actually selling. You can learn more about automation by reading this guide.

Automation allows sales teams to focus on actually selling.

3. Review your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

To help SDRs target the right accounts for conversations, make sure you have a clearly-defined ICP.

Both sales and marketing teams should come together to create an ICP that reflects what a real-life customer looks like. This will help SDRs avoid wasting time chasing unqualified accounts.

4. Offer Better Coaching

A more holistic approach to training and coaching is important in a successful sales enablement strategy.

Statistics show that 42% of sales reps feel that they don’t have enough information and guidance before making a call. Not only that, 84% of sales training is said to be forgotten by sales reps within their first three months.

You can turn this around by offering SDRs better, more personalized coaching programs. This can be done as weekly check-ins, call shadowing, and email reviews.

The Tools SDRs Need to Optimize Results

SDRs need all the help they can get to push more qualified leads through the pipeline. They’ll need more than just coaching, communication, and extra time afforded to them by automation.

To make them excel at their job, you need to give them the right resources for prospecting, lead qualification, and outreach.

B2B Prospect Intelligence

Services like DemandScience Intelligence can provide SDRs with millions of contacts, including key business decision-makers and potential buyers that match your ICP.

This can solve the problem of low-quality leads once and for all.

DemandScience also integrates with CRM platforms like Salesforce, Pipedrive, and HubSpot. As such, SDRs can have unrestricted access to powerful prospect intelligence as they work on building relationships.

Predictive Demand Generation

DemandScience Activate lets you take advantage of predictive analytics to locate in-market buyers. This is made possible with a database of millions of technology buyer profiles that can fuel your lead generation campaign.

Other demand generation solutions include ABM-managed display advertising, B2B content syndication, and full-funnel lead generation.

Custom Content Creation

One of the biggest problems that SDRs face is the lack of engaging content tailored to their B2B prospects’ needs.

An internal sales enablement strategy can help sales and marketing teams formulate a content strategy that works for their business. If you want a faster alternative, you can use an integrated lead development solution bundled with strategic content creation.


Pursuing sales enablement through an integrated solution like DemandScience offers the best chance of success for sales organizations.

DemandScience can help accelerate business growth through every stage of your pipeline. To learn how we can help SDRs succeed, start a free trial account for DemandScience Intelligence today.