Delivering Value Through Data Best Practices [SalesStar Podcast]

Demand Science’s CDO/CIO, Shakeel Itoola was featured on recently on an episode of the SalesStar Podcast. He spoke in detail about how marketers can make the most of their data and the various ways you can leverage data for more ROI.

As most marketers know, there’s a major disconnect with actionable data in today’s B2B environment. Organizations often struggle with data accuracy and implementation, resulting in a decline in revenue pipeline. As the need for more accurate data arises, B2B marketers and sales leaders are looking to various 3rd party sources, that, unfortunately, are unable to provide scalable/ quality solutions. Through enacting some internal best practices, revenue leaders can once again rely on their current database, rather than offsetting the issue with more out-of-market prospects.

Here’s the full episode-

Through Shakeel’s guidance, Demand Science has looked to increase our data capabilities internally and as a provider. By leveraging predictive analytics, decisional intent, and behavioral data, we’re able to gain a thorough understanding of our audience and the contacts that we provide our clients with.

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