What’s In a Name? Now, So Much More.

Today, Leadiro Becomes DemandScience Intelligence

Since its inception in 2016, Leadiro – now DemandScienceIntelligence – has delivered solutions to help sales and marketing professionals drive new pipeline growth. With its ability to recognize buyer intent signals, deliver hyper-targeted audiences, and more recently, provide current engagement data based on its latest feature, ConfirmedConnect, it has been considered an essential business tool for sales and marketing professionals around the world.  

But like Winston Churchill once said, “To improve is to change.” And since we here at DemandScience insist on driving growth through constant innovation, change is what we gotta do.

We are thrilled to introduce DemandScience Intelligence, the brand formally known as Leadiro! With this change, DemandScience is now set to deliver even more essential resources to customers seeking the absolute best-in-class, quality data to help their companies accelerate and deliver revenue. DemandScience CMO, Monica Sullivan, explains:

“We’re beyond excited to announce DemandScience Intelligence.We will continue delivering the quality data and enriched buyer insights that our customers have come to expect from us. Stay tuned for more functionality and additional unique features as DemandScience Intelligence, supporting both marketing and sales in building a pipeline with greater insights about the buyers journey.”

What’s on Deck for DemandScience Intelligence 

When it comes to DemandScience Intelligence, the future looks bright and possibilities are endless. Be on the lookout for upcoming announcements!

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