Confirmed Connect

Laser-Focused B2B Data for Fast-Tracked Prospecting

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Introducing Confirmed Connect by DemandScience

Every day, sales teams face the challenge of contacting a long list of prospects. With limited resources available and only so much time in the day, it can be an uphill battle to choose who you should be targeting with your outbound strategy. So why waste time chasing contacts who may not even connect? Focus on prospects who have the highest propensity to engage, with Confirmed Connect.

Go Above and Beyond Industry-Standard Prospecting

Confirmed Connect gives DemandScience customers a strategic, streamlined approach to B2B prospecting using both contact validation and engagement tracking. Unlike other intelligence solutions that merely validate email addresses and phone numbers through standard check tools, Confirmed Connect takes it a step further, tracking engagement per individual contact as well as the recency of their engagement.

As a result, users can pinpoint potential buyers across the DemandScience network who have interacted either by opening an email or answering the phone within a certain timeframe.

Key Benefits of Confirmed Connect

  • Increased engagement rates
  • Strategic outbound prospecting
  • Prioritization of sales and marketing resources
  • Maximize selling hours
  • Healthy opportunity development
  • Boosted sales and marketing revenue
  • Increased call-to-connect rates