The use of intent data has made huge strides in the world of B2B marketing, transcending “trend status” to become a fundamental resource for today’s B2B marketers. But while more than half of all marketing professionals leverage insights from first- and third-party intent data, they often overlook the benefits of second-party data and what it brings to the table. Until now!

Let’s breakdown the concept of second-party intent data: what it is, how it’s sourced, and the value it drives for your B2B lead generation strategy. Plus, they’ll teach you how to leverage all three sources of first-, second-, and third-party intent data to get a more accurate view of your in-market audience.

Key topics include:

  • Second-party intent data sources
  • How to add second-party data into your existing lead gen strategy
  • ROI and cost benefits of leveraging combined sources of intent data

Want to get a crash course on what’s going on with B2B intent data? Watch our webinar, “Trendspotting: Recent Shifts in B2B Intent Data“, to learn more about common use cases, challenges and ways to overcome intent data anxiety.