How Media Futures Group Unlocked New Markets with PureSyndication 

“DemandScience has allowed us to expand our top of funnel reach through highly targeted campaigns.”

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How Media Futures Group Unlocked New Markets with PureSyndication 

About Media Futures Group

Media Futures Group (MFG) is a bespoke agency solution for Google, delivering creative and data-driven media to drive brand and business outcomes. Their global team consists of best-in-class integrated data and media experts, making MFG a progressive and exciting team in advertising and media. 

Veronica Arteaga is Planning Director at MFG, specializing in digital planning for Google Cloud and Workspace for B2B audiences. Veronica has over ten years of experience in demand generation. 

“Whenever we brief DemandScience on specific account lists and job titles they always come back to us with large volumes. Personally, I think the volume of leads we get with DemandScience is impressive. We use them to tap into markets that others simply cannot reach.” 


Veronica was working on behalf of a client with a strict brief in terms of lead criteria. They were seeking top-of-funnel MQLs within specific regions, markets, job titles, and target accounts. Alongside these exacting criteria, they also required a large volume of leads. Veronica was finding it difficult to balance both quality and quantity when evaluating ways to help her client meet their goals.  

The Selection

Media Futures Group needed a lead generation partner who could deliver leads that matched their client’s precise ICP at a consistent and scalable volume. 

The Solution

PureSyndication was able to solve Veronica’s need for both the volume and quality of leads for her client. She created a brief detailing their desired volume, lead criteria, and available budget, and her dedicated account manager set up a campaign to begin delivering leads straight into the client’s pipeline.  

  • Our API integration directly with the client’s CRM made Veronica’s job significantly easier by eliminating any manual data manipulation.  
  • Our access to millions of high-quality contacts ensured PureSyndication could deliver leads at the optimum pace for effective nurture.  

Veronica has since found DemandScience to deliver the highest volume of leads versus previous solutions she’s tried, while still reliably hitting her client’s MQL requirements. DemandScience has helped them tap into markets and regions that had previously seemed inaccessible, and helped Veronica’s job get easier in the process.   

The Results

As well as being able to consistently deliver a large volume of high-quality leads, Veronica has also enjoyed how easy DemandScience has been to work with. The team provide regular updates on campaign performance and are responsive to her enquiries. Outside of the initial briefing process, setting up new campaigns now requires zero effort from Veronica herself as leads are delivered directly to her client via API. If changes need to be made or issues arise that she needs to be aware of, she can trust DemandScience’s proactive support team to get in touch. 

  • The highest volume of MQLS versus other solutions 
  • Unlocked previously inaccessible markets and regions 
  • Zero-effort campaign set-up saving valuable time 

DemandScience is a B2B demand generation company on a mission to make marketing and sales easier across the entire funnel. Our solutions are powered by our Live Data Factory, the real time cleaning, verification and enrichment engine that produces the most accurate contact records available. With high-quality data, our customers prospect faster, attract warmer leads, and zone in on target accounts.