Spanning Launches Content Syndication with Intent and Doubles Scale of Demand Generation Program

“DemandScience’s leads have consistently performed at the top level from any vendor at lead volumes nearly four times larger.”

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Lead Generation for Niche Market, at Scale

About Spanning

Spanning, a Kaseya company, is the leader in SaaS Cloud-to-Cloud Backup, proven and trusted by more than 10,000 organizations to provide enterprise-class data protection for Office 365, G Suite, and Salesforce – enabling end-users as well as administrators to quickly find and restore data in just a few clicks.  

Chris Varney is the Demand Generation Programs Manager at Spanning where his primary objective is to generate marketing qualified leads (MQLs) for the sales pipeline utilizing programs that support lead development at all stages of the marketing funnel. Prior to joining Spanning in 2018, Varney managed demand generation programs targeting small businesses at Main Street Hub as well as B2C campaigns for the official rideshare partner of South by Southwest 2017, Fasten. 


The Initiative

Tasked with fulfilling high-volume sales pipeline goals with clearly defined demographic, firmographic, and technographic guidelines for qualification, Mr. Varney revisited past vendor relationships to build a new demand generation strategy. The primary challenges in hitting the MQL goals were volume and fit. If potential leads do not utilize specific software within their technology stack, Spanning’s solutions will not provide a benefit. Narrow parameters made finding qualified decision makers at scale very difficult. Mr. Varney’s primary concern was ensuring marketing budget was allocated to channels that were guaranteed to produce viable in-market leads and result in a superior ROI.

The Selection

Ultimately, Spanning needed a vendor that understood their business (Software as a Service), audience (decision makers in their niche), technographic filters, and CPL requirements. They wanted someone that could penetrate the appropriate markets for each of their three product offerings. 

Using prior campaigns, DemandScience was able to demonstrate how large our audience penetration was and how we would accurately manage Spanning’s MQL goals while maintaining budget flexibility. They were impressed by the responsive follow up of the DemandScience sales team and our ability to quickly pivot to a fluctuating budget. 

“DemandScience’s leads have consistently performed at the top level from any vendor at lead volumes nearly four times larger. My account manager keeps in touch regularly and is invested in and is knowledgeable of my organization’s marketing and sales goals. I believe DemandScience’s high program performance starts on the first call with their sales team who actually understands our tech market and proposes plans that fit my company’s specific lead needs in install base, title, intent data and other important criteria. My advice for a potential buyer: treat DemandScience as a part of your marketing team to best help them meet your goals.” 

Chris Varney
Demand Generation Programs Manager, Spanning

The Solution

Based on initial conversations, PureSyndication with intent was determined to be the right solution to scale and meet Spanning’s needs. DemandScience’s PureSyndication provided guaranteed lead volumes through multi-channel outreach campaigns across a global audience of more than 131 million technology buyers. 

The transition from the sales process to account management was seamless and speedy. Onboarding was spent perfecting system integrations and accurately setting campaign targeting. Once the campaigns launched, the customer experience team treated Mr. Varney as a partner rather than a customer, always providing insights and optimizations for the campaigns and expressing an interest in the lead journey once it was passed to the Spanning marketing funnel. The DemandScience customer experience team also worked with Spanning to optimize the marketing funnel and lead follow-up processes. Mr. Varney was impressed by how quickly and easily the customer experience team was able to work with his marketing technology stack, even when they had to quickly transition to a new routing process.


The Results

Unlike leads generated through Spanning’s previous lead generation vendor engagements, PureSyndication with intent, delivered quality leads that were actively engaged with their top-of-funnel content.