The Vanguard Renewables and Klarity Success Story

Vanguard Renewables

Vanguard Renewables stands at the forefront of environmental innovation, turning organic waste into renewable energy and fertilizers. Their mission to reduce fossil fuel reliance and combat climate change is driven by a commitment to sustainable practices. However, this journey was not without its challenges. The company needed an effective strategy to reach potential clients in the food and beverage industry, a key sector for their recycling program.


In the dynamic world of renewable energy, Vanguard Renewables found itself facing a significant hurdle. As experts in organic waste transformation, connecting with the right companies in the food and beverage industry was crucial. The challenge was not just finding any client but identifying those who would benefit most from their unique recycling solutions. This task was made difficult by the industry’s complexity and the specific needs of their target clients.

Matthew Willey, as the Revenue Operations Manager, played a pivotal role in navigating these challenges. His responsibility was not only to attract clients but also to ensure that these engagements were fruitful and aligned with Vanguard’s sustainability goals.

The Solution

The solution emerged in the form of the Klarity platform by DemandScience, a tool that promised to revolutionize Vanguard’s approach to client acquisition. Matthew, with his keen understanding of the industry and client needs, led the integration of Klarity into their operations. The platform’s role was multifaceted: it provided essential contact information and also allowed the team to tailor their outreach strategies. Matthew and his team utilized Klarity to identify geographically suitable accounts and to delve into the specifics of the food and beverage industry, focusing on sustainability and waste management.

The Results / Inmpact

Under Matthew’s guidance, the implementation of Klarity brought about transformative results:

  1. Strategic Client Outreach: Klarity enabled Vanguard to target companies actively involved in sustainability, increasing the relevance and success rate of their engagements. 
  2. Data-Driven Decision Making: Leveraging Klarity’s intelligence data, Matthew’s team developed tailored outreach strategies, enhancing their understanding of client needs and expectations. 
  1. Enhanced Lead Generation: The quality and volume of leads saw a remarkable improvement, directly attributable to Klarity’s capabilities. This led to a richer and more diversified sales pipeline.
  2. Cost-Effective Marketing: The investment in Klarity proved highly efficient, with the leads generated translating into significant revenue, validating Matthew’s strategic decision. 

Utilizing Klarity has significantly amplified our lead generation efforts, yielding remarkable results.

The return on investment with Klarity is undeniably impressive, reflecting in our substantial lead conversions. 

Matthew Willey’s role in adopting Klarity was crucial for Vanguard Renewables, helping them exceed their lead generation goals and solidify their position in the renewable energy market. This case study demonstrates the importance of strategic leadership and the right technological tools in overcoming industry challenges. Klarity, as a catalyst for change, enabled Vanguard to transform their challenges into opportunities for growth and success in the renewable energy and sustainability sectors.