B2B sales organizations have entered a new phase of post-pandemic culture, shifting from the reactionary chaos of early 2020 to a more proactive, digital-first paradigm reflective of today’s “new normal.” But this transition hasn’t come without its fair share of challenges, some of which still pose a burden to even the most well-managed B2B sales and marketing teams.  

To get a more comprehensive understanding of the post-pandemic effect on B2B organizations, we here at DemandScience commissioned an independent survey, asking hundreds of B2B sales and marketing leaders from across the United States how they’ve been impacted by change.  

Discover all our findings in a new DemandScience Special Report, “Post-Pandemic Culture and the impact on B2B Sales & Marketing.” 

Key Insights Include: 

  • 78% of survey respondents believe this is the tightest labor market for marketing professionals. 
  • 67% of survey respondents say their marketing team has seen a significant number of top-performing employees quit within the past year.  
  • And nearly 60% of respondents say hybrid and/or remote work has made their teams more productive than ever before.