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Your tool for prospect list segmentation

Segmentation starts here.

Segment lists based on your criteria.

Search and filter millions of contacts, and use your buyer personas to create multiple target audiences based on firmographics, technology installs, and intent signals.

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• Identify new prospects inside target accounts

• Build lookalike audiences to expand target account lists

• Explore intent signals to identify new potential markets

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Improved accuracy

Targeted contact data based on buyer personas helps identify likely prospects or lookalikes within accounts.

Better lists

Predictive buying behaviors, exhaustive account/contact firmographics, and tech installs that match your solutions, all drive list quality.


Sort, slice and tailor your segmentation lists to identify likely prospects who fit your ideal customer profile.

Accelerated pipeline

Custom segmentation helps expand your TAM, and push likely buyers through your sales and marketing funnels.

With Identify, custom segmentation delivers results. Just ask our customers.

What Our Customers Say

“Really user-friendly application. 99% of downloaded contacts were working.”

Daniel B.
Mid-market, SaaS

“Data is great and particularly knowledge-built data I haven’t found elsewhere. But it’s the people behind it that have stood out as much as anything.”

Oli S.
Founder, Mid-market

“The database has a great coverage of over 90 countries worldwide and the data quality is top notch!”

Samantha L.
Enterprise, Telecomm

“The best thing about DemandScience Intelligence is confirmed connect, the ability to easily apply multiple filters, and apply confirmed connect – which is one of the best features.”

Timothy S.
Director of Sales, Dinvy

“I am loving the ability to qualify target organizations and titles based on buyer intent.”

Courtney P.
Director of Marketing, Mid-Market

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Team planning customer lists on white board

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