Shakeel Itoola

Chief Technology Officer

Shakeel is a tech-savvy, go-getter with more than 20-years of expertise at industry leaders such as Google, IBM, and DataFoundry. He has a career history of helping companies leverage data to create breakthrough industry solutions and products. As Chief Growth Officer and Founder of DataFoundry, Shakeel established AI breakthrough leadership with a disruptive outcome-based model for Healthcare. As Business Development Lead at Google, Shakeel focused on diversifying partner types by acquiring non-traditional partners to fuel medium to long-term growth, and drove yearly revenue up exponentially from $18M to $125M. He holds an Msc/MBA from University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, SKEMA (France). In his current role, Shakeel sets the overall strategy for DemandScience’s data-driven offerings and the services that power them.

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