There are two things B2B sales and marketing teams have in common: one, they want to close more deals. Two, they want to make more money. The thing is, both groups often disagree with each other’s business strategies, making it that much harder to achieve these goals. 

We here at DemandScience wanted to get a better understanding of this conflicting relationship and explore current challenges affecting today’s B2B sales and marketing teams. We commissioned an independent survey, asking hundreds of B2B sales and marketing leaders from across the United States how these two departments seem to be getting along. Plus, we take a peek at our previous Sales and Marketing alignment survey to see whether respondents’ answers have changed over time. 

Key takeaways include: 

  • Only 8% of B2B companies today have been able to successfully align sales and marketing teams.
  • Sales and Marketing misalignment can cost companies more than 10% of their annual revenue.
  • While 59% of survey respondents say MQLs are more actionable, 41% say SQLs pack a bigger punch 

Get yourself a copy of our benchmark report and see how today’s B2B sales and marketing teams are trying to make it work.