The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in today’s business landscape is showing zero signs of slowing down. More than one-third of the world’s companies currently use AI to achieve major business goals, like maximizing revenue and profit, optimizing sales processes, and increasing overall market share. AI use is growing so fast, it’s becoming an indispensable tool for sales teams seeking to boost quality lead volume, conversions, and revenue.

We here at DemandScience wanted to examine this phenomenon a bit closer to better understand:

  • Companies’ expectations of AI technology
  • Current AI use cases
  • Implications of AI technology on B2B sales

We commissioned an independent study, surveying 1000 sales decision makers at B2B companies across the United States. From the data provided, we were able to identify nine key themes surrounding the use of AI technology in the corporate space.

What are these themes? And what do they illustrate? Find answers to these questions (and many more) in “The AI Impact on B2B Sales: A DemandScience Benchmark Report.”