Discover current trends, opportunities, and challenges surrounding intent data use among today’s top B2B sales and marketing leaders.

Within the past three years, intent data has emerged as the fastest-growing data category across the market, making it an essential resource for B2B sales and marketing teams looking to enhance lead generation, speed the sales cycle, and increase overall conversion. Yet, intent data still poses its fair share of challenges for sales and marketing teams looking to make the most out of their intent data investments.

In an effort to explore the shifting trends surrounding intent data use over time, we chose to revisit an older survey, originally published in January 2021. With the recommission of that survey, we were able to explore new data and continue our understanding of how companies today view intent data, its potential impact on the bottom line, and whether the benefits of intent data outweigh its many challenges. 

Key insights:

  • About 17% of B2B sales and marketing professionals have improved their lead conversion rate by 30% using intent data. That’s a 33% jump, year-over-year. 
  • More companies now leverage intent data to enhance CRM and database scoring, lead generation efforts, and personalized marketing, increasing use by 17%, 7%, and 24%, respectively. 
  • 55% of survey respondents say their sales and marketing teams can’t seem to agree on what constitutes intent data. 

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