10 Ways to Generate More Leads for B2B Companies

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The New Year arrives with new challenges when it comes to lead generation. With the business landscape becoming more and more competitive, how can your team stay ahead of the game and attract more qualified prospects in 2016?

Aside from relying on the expertise of third-party lead generation companies, here is a list of ten proven ways to effectively generate leads that you can embrace to achieve your business goals.

1. Utilize Opt-In Offers

With an estimated 32% increase in conversion, opt-in offers should not be overlooked as a lead generation technique, as these strongly incentivize your web visitors into making a decision.

Whether it’s a free report, free resource guides, or access to webinars, having an opportunity to register for the offer can get users to click that download button and fill out their data.

2. Conduct Split Tests

Split testing, also known as A/B testing or multivariate testing, helps in improving website metrics through controlled and randomized experiments carried out on your visitors.

For instance, you may have variations on your call to action (CTA) copy to determine which one has the greatest impact with your audience—using those that resulted in an increase in conversions. Aside from the text, changing the image or button positioning can also lead to improved results that you can implement for future marketing efforts.

3. Create Excellent Ads

With thousands of ads seen by users every day, creating excellent ads is a must. Not only will this lead to better click-through rates, but it will also lower your cost per conversion and stand out from the rest of the advertising clutter.

4. Offer Free Trials

Free trials give users an idea of what to expect from a certain product or solution to determine if it fits their needs.This helps them decide if the product is worth purchasing or not. It also helps to build trust with your audience in terms quid pro quo as you are doing them a favor by providing a limited solution to their problem free-of-charge.

5. Provide Price Quotes

Certain products or solutions have no fixed price, but price is what most prospects look for immediately. Be prepared to provide a prompt response to price quote inquiries in order to avoid losing potential clients that may be highly price-sensitive.

6. Remarketing

Visitors who leave your page without converting can be targeted as they navigate to other sites through remarketing techniques.
By repurposing your content and social media efforts, you can successfully reposition your company in front of your target audience and convert them into desired leads.

7. Implement Email Drip Campaigns

Give your usual email marketing campaigns a boost by implementing drip campaigns. The automated process of a drip campaign sends out relevant messages based on the sales cycle movement to your prospects.

This particular strategy allows you to connect consistently with your customers, providing timely information based on their interaction with your brand and where they are in the buyer’s journey. You also save time from pitching your product since drip campaigns nurture leads for you.

8. Encourage Participation Among Visitors

Get the most out of your online network by learning what your visitors want and need. Set up a comment or suggestion box where they can share their thoughts on how you can further improve your products or services. Also remember to always respond to your audience’s interactions with the brand. User participation is crucial to building a successful online business.

9. Join Conferences

With a large number of potential customers attending trade shows and conferences, joining one is a great opportunity to put your brand out there and gain prospects in a short period of time. These conferences and trade shows are also industry-specific so your audience targeting is a lot more precise.

10. Automate Processes

A new trend emerging in the lead generation process is Marketing Automation, and there is a good reason for it too. Various Marketing Automation software distributes the right content to the right people at the right stage of the sales funnel. This facilitates strong Lead Nurturing and can drive conversion efforts for your most receptive target audience.

Though Marketing Automation can be complicated and expensive at times, especially for companies with smaller marketing budgets, businesses are finding themselves seeking out these particular services to deal with the evolving complexities of the buyer ecosystem.

Driving quality leads to your business takes time and should not be done hastily. Take the time to pick up new knowledge and learn from these 10 tips to successfully achieve all your lead generation goals. Best of luck with your lead generation efforts this year!

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