3 Sales Software Trends to Keep an Eye Out For

B2B sales is an ever-changing, often frustrating journey of growth and humility. As a sales leader, you’re often asked to not only manage the salespeople on your team, but also prospect, run meetings, and grow key accounts. Sales leadership truly isn’t for everyone. That’s why sales enablement and sales support technology has been on the rise over the past 5-6 years.  
Sales technology usually helps conquer three main challenges for sales teams: prospecting, pipeline, and prioritization. Each of these key pain points is hindered by the same factor—time. So, as we look at the top three sales software trends, you can see how they address the three P’s of sales challenges.  

Sales Lead Generation

If you were a sales rep in the ‘90s, you never would have guessed salespeople would receive leads from a marketing team. Chances are, you would pick up the phone and dial away until you got someone who was interested in your product. Sales leads and the process of generating them have evolved so much, software now exists to help sales reps source their own prospects.  

Enabling sales reps to filter through various levels of company and personal information, these self-serve lead generation databases have become a key source of sales opportunities over the past few years.  


It’s easy to see how this type of technology might enable effective prospecting. Instead of relying heavily on marketing or executives to feed them leads, sales reps are now able to source their own buyers and gather relevant information to help them start a conversation.  


When it comes to building the pipeline and narrowing opportunities down to revenue, it’s important to have accurate contact data. Sales leaders can use this technology to find alternative ways to contact not only the buyer, but other influencers that might help with closing a deal.


Targeted account prospecting becomes an easy task when the salesperson can gather information to help them personalize their outreach. A lot of sales lead generation tools, like DemandScience Intelligence, can build robust profiles of targeted buyers to help expedite the revenue process.  

Sales Intelligence and Optimization

Most sales leaders have been stuck in a situation where their account executive can’t remember key details about meetings that were run. It’s happened to the best of us. Sales intelligence software was created to help track account activities and optimize the data to suggest important next steps in the opportunity process.

This means less time is spent on reviewing what the buyer said and more time on how to strategically approach closing a deal. Software like Gong, Outreach, and Chorus all have call and keyword tracking that can be used to help form actionable next steps in the sales process.


If you’ve spent any amount of time in B2B sales, you know an extremely important part of growing your accounts takes place on the phone or in meetings with your buyers. Sales intelligence software can help expand prospecting abilities in meetings through active coaching. As a sales manager, you can review calls with your reps and help them fine-tune their skills. 


There’s nothing more important in sales than winning opportunities and growing accounts. This type of software is designed to pull important information from calls and meetings and enable salespeople to take important next steps towards closing the sale.


A major part of the sales process is understanding how to filter your accounts and opportunities from “most likely to buy” to “just looking.” Technology that pulls assigned keywords from calls like competitor references or purchasing process can help you decide how to prioritize your outreach.  

Sales Automation

There are a lot of mixed opinions on whether or not account executives should be automating their sales activities. Luckily, there are a lot of different use cases for sales automation software. Not every technology in this segment is designed to do your rep’s jobs for them. In fact, according to HubSpot, 42% of salespeople use automation for scheduling meetings with clients.  

On top of that, software like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Clearbit have unique approaches to enabling sales reps through social outreach and data enrichment. Sales automation, as a technology segment, has moved far beyond automatic prospecting and emailing.  


Sales automation tech is not meant to take the creativity and strategy out of salespeople. Most automation actually helps provide key insights into your buyer personas and accounts that might help your team nudge a prospect closer toward taking a meeting. One example of this is LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s ability to plug into Salesforce CRM, providing useful “icebreakers” for salespeople to leverage in their email.  


As your sales reps inch closer and closer toward winning an account, the outreach timelines become critical. If you miss sending an email or forget about a meeting, the deal could potentially be lost. A lot of sales automation technologies have the ability to automate calendar reminders for salespeople, making it easier to stay ahead of their clients.


Looking at the different types of accounts you have in your CRM, you’ll probably notice a lot of them might not be responding to your rep’s prospecting activities. That’s pretty normal. In this case, sales automation can help filter low tier accounts out of the sales rep’s prospecting cadence, enabling them to spend more time on leads that are likely to buy.  

Solutions, Not Software

Adopting the newest sales software isn’t an easy task, partly because there’s so much of it to begin with. It seems like new software comes out every time a challenge appears. It’s overwhelming.  

Thankfully, DemandScience’s sales solutions are both easy to adopt and created with real salespeople in mind. DemandScience Intelligence uses buyer intent and data automation to prioritize your sales prospecting and accelerate your pipeline, resulting in more close-won opportunities and higher growth potential. If a turnkey sales technology solutions sounds better than installing dozens of different sales software programs, reach out to us today!