5 Lead Generation Tactics that Can Boost your Sales ROI

looking at how lead generation tactics can boost sales roi

Lead generation is critical to your company’s performance and can be a powerful weapon to fuel your sales teams with what they need to sustain the lifeblood of your business.  In the now hyper-digitized business environment, big data, predictive analytics, automation, and AI open up possibilities for faster and more precise lead generation. As the industry is moving towards better technologies and more sophisticated software, you will need strong lead generation tactics, and a campaign with substance to generate high-quality leads by tapping into the many online touch points in an always-connected world.

Here are some lead generation hacks to increase the quantity and quality of your lead generation efforts:

1. Outstanding Content

Everyone says this, but not everyone can deliver. There’s so much content to compete with on the internet, and potential customers are looking for something that really speaks to their needs. Your titles, headings, paragraphs, graphics—they can’t be more of the same thing you find elsewhere. They need to be truly compelling. They need to stand out.  Make a good impression on prospects and make them want to stay.

How do you do that? Invest well in the following aspects of your content:

  • Attractiveness of your homepage
  • Ease of use on your website and optimization for mobile
  • Practical, engaging content that  directly speaks to your customer’s needs and aspirations, and not just a broad, non-targeted claim.

Content is the first conversation between your company and your customer. It determines the experience of your brand when you can’t be there. Think of the leads you are inviting to interact with you: what experience do you want to create for your prospects? How can you create an experience that will lead them to talk to you and partner with you?

2. Webinars

Webinars are increasingly becoming an effective way to elicit interaction and feedback from your prospects. If you want high-quality, high-profile leads, this is the way to go. What makes webinars popular and can encourage your customer to engage with you is the live interaction with a subject-matter expert. Reading blogs and watching videos can be fun and informative. However, nothing still beats conversing with a respected thought leader on-screen about an important topic to your customer. Your customers will appreciate two elements in that scenario—one, the spontaneity of the exchange, and two, the access to proprietary information unavailable elsewhere.

As Neil Patel puts it, webinars can present solutions to your audience’s dilemma, and build trust and credibility for your brand especially during the middle of the funnel of your customer’s journey.

3. Social Media

This is where your prospects will be, so you need to establish a strong presence. Social media platforms also have great tools and features that not only increase your visibility, but also allow you to create highly targeted and engaging content.

This is one lead generation tactic that enables you to implement a more personalized approach. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ads are designed to help you nurture your leads and drive more engagement.

Social media is also great for raising brand awareness, and many lead generation campaigns from small brands have succeeded through social media. Linkedin, which is the leading social media for professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives, has been instrumental in increasing the revenues and high-net worth buyers of the marketers by at least 20 percent by the marketers who were smart enough to make it a platform for its campaigns.

4. Chatbots

With chatbots on your website, you’ll give users the option to express their needs without having to make a call or fill in  a contact form. A chatbot is basically a computer program that simulates human conversation. This is why it’s a great way to make leads: it’s scalable, automated, and useful for gathering data. It can engage and win back your complaining customers, give them the feedback they need and want, and can even invite them to sign up for an appointment with your sales team.

AI is no doubt transforming marketing strategies for businesses. Those who implement AI the right way have seen huge benefits. IKEA has done this quite successfully by incorporating the collection of customer insight through their chatbot feature. It made the chatbot conversations warm, friendly, and even fun by packing them with emojis. By the time the ‘bot asks the customer their email address, they are only too willing to give it.

5. A Focused Lead Generation Team

This may not be a digital hack, but it is an essential one as well. Successful lead generation requires strong collaboration between your Sales and Lead Generation teams. Their roles are clear, they are focused on their areas of expertise, and a structure sorts out overlaps. Having a well-organized Lead Generation team allows you to come up with a strategy that doesn’t confuse priorities: your goal is to capture customer interest and deliver useful data for the sales team. Leave the selling to the Sales teams, and focus on raising brand awareness and getting high quality leads.

Your organization might want to do things differently, but the advantage of this approach is focus. One team is 100% focused on and driven by stimulating prospects to action, and the other team focused on closing the deal and retaining business. This creates a sustainable strategy to ensure that your funnel is always full, and that customers remain loyal to your brand.

Engagement is Key

One last tip and the most important hack you need to remember: engage, engage, engage! All of the lead generation hacks above are simply about that. This means that you’ll need to know your target customers well and structure a successful customer journey. For every campaign you start, ask the questions: Is this what my customer is looking for? Will they be engaged? Will they want to click, join, sign up, explore, or contact? In lead generation, data is gold, and you’ll only mine it if your customers are engaged.