B2B Digital Marketing Solutions We Bet You Haven’t Tried Yet

We’re going to cut straight to the chase—nearly half of B2B buyers find B2B marketing boring. That means it’s highly likely that a significant proportion of your prospects sometimes find your marketing a little lackluster—a number that could be as high as one in two.

The discussions around B2B being less exciting than its B2C counterpart are nothing new, of course. It’s time we stopped ruminating on the ‘B-to-boring’ trope, and instead started taking some action to solve the issue. But how?

One way to tackle this is to try some unexpected digital marketing techniques to surprise and delight your customers who are used to seeing the same old stuff, time and time again.

Sometimes all it takes to add a little pizazz to your marketing efforts is to try something new. Here are a raft of digital marketing solutions that you probably haven’t tried yet, which will hopefully get your creative juices flowing and provide inspiration for your next big play.

If the tried-and-true tactics to market your business aren’t working, it’s time to try some new strategies.
If the tried-and-true tactics to market your business aren’t working, it’s time to try some new strategies.

Clock on to TikTok

Don’t dismiss this addictive app as a teenage craze— an ad on this star of the social media world now has the potential to reach 50.3% of adults in the US, according to HubSpot. This same research also uncovered that the percentage of marketers who consider TikTok effective for their business goals increased 700% from 2021 to 2022, skyrocketing from 3% to 25%. B2C brands are reaping rewards from TikTok, and B2B companies can, too. As Gen Z’s presence within the workforce increases year over year, early adoption of TikTok could be a way to capture the interest of this growing audience, who will expect the brands they’re interested in—both personally and professionally—to be present on their FYP. (that’s a “For You Page,” if you’re not already hip to TikTok slang).

Show Your Funny Side

Despite its limited usage, humor does have a place in B2B digital marketing. Never forget the fundamental thing all your prospects have in common: Each one of them is, first and foremost, a human being. And humans like to be entertained. In a world bombarded with humdrum content, why not embrace ‘funny’ as part of your strategy?

There are many ways to add humor to your B2B digital marketing strategy. One popular method is to jump on trending topics within popular culture, adapting memes and GIFs to suit your industry and business. This is a great way to stay relevant, while also ensuring you don’t veer too far off topic. Framing this content as something ultra-relatable to your audience often works well. For example, parodying the woes of cold calling can be effective for an audience of sales reps. Of course, there’s always a risk that humor can fall flat, so extensive research into your buyer personas is essential.

Bid on Competitor Terms

Yes, you can do it! Bidding on competitor terms as part of your pay-per-click keyword strategy can be an effective tool to get your brand name in front of prospects who are actively looking for solutions like yours. They just may not know about your company yet, or if they do, they might not be aware you have a solution that can solve their problems. Bidding on competitor terms is key to appearing in highly relevant search results.

If it works for your brand’s tone of voice and persona, you can be a little cheeky here with your ad copy. For example, “Looking for [insert competitor name here]? Choose us instead.” However, when bidding on competitor terms, it’s still best to proceed with caution, and this article by AdEspresso lists what you need to be aware of.

(Finally) Start That Podcast

We may be stating the obvious a little here, as podcasts are already a hugely popular marketing tool. However, raise your hand if your business knows the value of podcasting, has the good intention to start a podcast, but still hasn’t quite gotten around to doing it yet…

Hand in the air? We thought so. Podcasts are both time- and resource-intensive, making them a difficult undertaking to get started with. But they’re likely worth the effort and investment; a recent DemandScience survey revealed that podcasts are among the top ways in which B2B buyers become aware of new solutions and vendors. Just ensure that if you do get started, you stick to a consistent and frequent publishing schedule, or you risk losing credibility with your listeners.

It’s important to develop marketing approaches that will cut through the noise and drive new, qualified customers to your landing pages.
It’s important to develop marketing approaches that will cut through the noise and drive new, qualified customers to your landing pages.

Embrace B2B Influencer Marketing

No, we haven’t confused our B2B and B2C audiences halfway through this post—B2B influencer marketing really is a thing. B2B influencer marketing can be used as a powerful word-of-mouth tool to get influential people in your industry to spread the word about your brand.

It’s more straightforward to find relevant influencers than you might think, as your own employees can assert their individual influence via their professional social media platforms. To make it easy for them, consider setting up an employee advocacy tool such as Bambu, which enables employees to share ready-made updates and insights from your business on their social media channels. Building a personal brand on sites such as LinkedIn is commonplace these days, so don’t underestimate the value of reaching your employees’ existing networks.

Your customers can also be a rich source of influencer potential—look at your existing client roster to identify brand evangelists for your business. The best candidates are recognizable names that are loyal to your brand and would be happy to spread the word of your excellent services.

Reveal a Little Secret Sauce

You’d think that revealing the inner workings of your success would be an absolute no-go. What good reason could there be to reveal your best-kept secrets to your competitors? And of course, there isn’t one—you should never divulge information that could risk you losing your competitive edge. But sharing a little bit of how you do what you do can be an excellent way to demonstrate expertise in your field. These examples, similar to case studies, make excellent fodder for blog posts, articles, and guest posts.

Try picking a team achievement that demonstrates best-in-class practices related to your industry, as opposed to the private workings of your business. For example, you could pick a social campaign you’re particularly proud of, giving a rough breakdown of how you achieved it and what the results were. Include visual examples such as screenshots of reports for extra credibility.

By demonstrating how you achieved real-world results, you’ll help to convince your prospects that you can help them to do the same. It goes without saying that if you do choose to experiment with this tactic, never give away any proprietary or confidential information.

Win with Social Media Contests

They’re rarely embraced in B2B world, but social media contests can be a great tool to bolster your existing marketing efforts and humanize your brand. For example, make the most of that meticulously chosen swag at your next in-person event by running a contest that encourages your booth visitors to snap a photo with their new merch. Simple entry criteria are always best: asking them to upload a photo to a certain social platform with a specific hashtag and @ mention is enough.

Choose the platform your target audience is most active on, and don’t forget to incentivize with a suitable prize. This could be something related to your business, such as a free consultation or time-limited complimentary access to one of your products or services. Alternatively, a more generic prize may also be suitable, as long as it appeals to your audience. Ask your sales team what sort of things they think would motivate your customers to enter.

Nail the Basics before Experimenting with Your B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

Before trying some of these more unorthodox B2B digital marketing solutions, it’s always best to have a solid foundation in place first…and at the heart of any successful marketing strategy is a pipeline full of leads. DemandScience solutions can help you identify, engage, and convert your target customers—get in touch today to find out how.