Benefits and Advantages of eBooks in Content Marketing

What is an eBook and why should you care? Although actual lengths vary, eBooks are a great way to help with your demand generation.

If done correctly, they offer several distinct benefits that make them an integral part of a thorough content marketing strategy. The following are several of the most important advantages of eBooks marketing for demand generation.‍

Help Project Credibility

Long-form content generally allows a business to establish credibility and expertise more than it can through short-forms like blog articles. Electronic books, in particular, allow you to conceive both the message and the expertise you aim to project to the target audience. Because people who download strategy eBooks are actively looking for information or education, an effective structure and execution of your message will enhance your credibility.‍

Inexpensive To Produce

One of the biggest benefits of eBook production is that, compared to the broad range of marketing materials a company produces, you could argue that eBooks offer the best bang for the book. Yes, you do have to invest time and resources to create the content, but the production costs are minimal. Compare an eBook to a full print media kit, for instance. Developing and publishing an eBook is efficient as well. The total time from initial concept, to content creation to publication can take as little as a few weeks.‍

Simple Distribution

A common marketing challenge is figuring out how to get the content you create into the hands of the right people. You have a variety of delivery options to get your eBook online. Most marketers offer eBooks via website download in exchange for a user’s name, email address and other bits of contact information. There are other options too. You can also expand your reach by making your eBook available through or other large online digital self-publishing platforms.

Readers want the ability to download eBooks on desktop, tablet or smartphone devices so make sure to connect your eBook content marketing strategy to your email communications too. Promote it as an added-value tool for people that sign up for your email marketing, and remember to attract attention to your social channels by promoting your eBook there.

Last but not least, is using content syndication to target a very specific audience for your content. This is something we do for a lot of clients to develop genuine leads for their business.‍

Subtle Marketing Form

It is difficult to build marketing strategies that audiences not only accept but often seek out. This factor is one that makes eBooks unique. People download eBooks because they want to access the information presented in them. In fact, by offering your eBook for free, you give readers a high perception of content value. Then, after you establish credibility and potential problem-resolution, you subtly guide the reader toward your business and solutions. For example, companies that offer content marketing services would do well to cover their real world benefits in a free eBook about content marketing.

ebooks mockup content marketing strategy
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‍Wrap Up

Because of the powerful and distinct advantages of eBooks relative to other content formats used in demand generation, you cannot underscore the importance of eBooks in marketing. Consider the types of questions or issues your target buyers have that lead to opportunities for a longer content message.

If you use buyer personas, use them to help improve your target messaging for your content, and not use a “one size fits all” approach. Your prospects want content to help them make informed decisions. Develop content that resonates with your target audience, and integrate your eBooks into a content syndication plan that helps achieve your demand generation goals.