Content MQLs. Do They Really Exist?

Content MQLs. Do They Really Exist? | %%sitename%%

Whatever approach you take to content marketing, you most likely have the end of goal of qualifying leads. Sometimes it feels like you’re just throwing things at a wall and seeing what sticks. It goes without saying, but there are no absolutes in marketing. So, the question that everyone thinks at one point or another pops up- will my content qualify my leads? That’s a pretty loaded question, but definitely worth digging into.

Subject of Content

This may be obvious for some, but the subject of your content is extremely important. So important in fact, that some people may choose not to engage if the subject title isn’t catchy enough. On top of that, the subject greatly affects what type of people will read it. Think about it this way, if you create a bunch of whitepapers centered around how to start an employee advocacy program, and you’re targeting Directors and VPs of HR- do you really think those ideas resonate with them enough to speak to their personal needs? You can increase your lead quality by creating content that speaks to your buyer’s needs.

Level of Content Engagement

You’ve now spent the time in creating content that speaks to a segmented audience and need to market it effectively. A reasonable question to ask yourself is, “How?”. Regardless of how awesome your content is, it ultimately doesn’t matter if no one reads it. Just marketing your content on your website and occasionally on social media isn’t enough. You’ll need to build engagement numbers by being proactive in your outreach. Most people turn to a newsletter, or a drip feed of new content. While those are two viable options for your marketing, it’s not aggressive enough. Imagine the absolute slew of emails one decision maker gets in a day. Something labeled as “newsletter” will hardly catch their eye at the top of the inbox. This is where content MQL campaigns come in. You will increase your content downloads by simply creating a campaign focused on a unified subject of the content you’re promoting. For example, let’s say you pick 4 pieces centered around sales automation- you’ll then want to write copy, for the campaign, that speaks about pain points and the why behind the subject.

Call to Action

The content you create should always have a call to action in it. Whether it’s a link-out, a thought piece, or a product pitch; it’s important that there’s a next step somewhere. Believe it our not, your call to action centered around your content itself is just as important. To put yourself in the right headspace, think of why someone would read whatever you’re looking to promote. What’s the value, and why is it important? By understanding this, you can easily create sticky CTAs to carry weight with your content promotion. A strong call to action will encompass pieces of the content it’s pushing, value of the content, and the why behind the value. In doing so, you qualify your readers ahead of time. This also gives you the ability to track what type of call to action works best and what the lead converted on.

Working with each piece highlighted will give you the necessary steps to generating more high-quality MQLs. It truly comes down to purpose behind what you’ve written and the how you position it. If you’re looking at taking the next step with high value content and generating quality leads from it, check out our PureContent solution. It provides custom, research-backed content proven to build brand awareness and product engagement.