Why You Should Use Content Syndication In Your ABM Strategy

Account-Based Marketing is the best way to engage with highly qualified leads.

ABM outperforms other marketing initiatives by 85% according to research by ITSMA, often with a significant difference.

The most successful marketing teams take advantage of every opportunity to provide leads with value and encourage engagement with their brand.

If you want to grow your lead pipeline, improve your lead nurturing, and increase the ROI of your content marketing, then content syndication is for you.

When combined with ABM, content syndication is powerful.

In this article, we’re going to show you exactly why you should be using content syndication as part of your overall ABM campaigns. We’ll outline key benefits and common barriers to success and how to overcome them.‍

What Do We Mean When Talking About “Content” in ABM?

When talking about content in the context of ABM, we could mean any type of content that your prospects will find valuable and engaging.

In practice, content used in ABM campaigns could be a blog post, whitepaper, podcast, webinar, or a landing page. There are no real limitations on what your content can look like if it’s something your target buyer will find useful.

If you’re running ABM campaigns it’s likely that you already have started promoting and syndicating your content, or are gearing up to launch your initiative. If you haven’t, there are several compelling reasons why you should start using content syndication as part of your campaigns.‍

Why Should You Use Content Syndication In Your ABM Campaigns?

1. Make Your Content Go Further

Creating content is one thing, but promoting it is another. If you write content and never show it to anyone, you’re merely wasting resources.

59% of marketers say that whitepapers and eBooks are leading producers of B2B leads. However, this is because those marketers make an effort to put their content in front of their ideal customers.

Once you start using content syndication in your ABM campaigns, you’ll be able to increase the ROI of your content creation efforts massively.

Rather than only publishing your content on your site and relying on SEO to attract qualified leads, you flip the traditional model and put your content in front of your future customers.

If your content is valuable to your leads, it will undoubtedly help you grow your lead pipeline and nurture leads.‍

2. Nurture Leads Effectively

95% of B2B marketers say that account-based marketing drives marketing success.

When you combine ABM and content syndication, you can nurture leads in a highly effective way.

When you have informative, engaging, and useful content, you can syndicate and promote it to your leads to nurture them and move them towards a purchase.

If you’re using intent data you’ll have the ability to identify what kind of content your leads are consuming and identify where they are in their buying process. From there, you can create content and syndicate it to your prospects.

Content syndication is the ideal way to nurture leads as you’ll position your brand as a trustworthy and authoritative source of content in the minds of your (future) customers.‍

3. Use Personalization to Increase Content Relevance

A key benefit of using content syndication in your ABM campaigns is that you can make it highly personalized.

87% of consumers report that personally branded content positively influences their feelings about a brand. By taking the time to personalize content and match it to your prospects’ expectations, you can gain a substantial competitive advantage.

So, how can you implement personalization in your content syndication?

Well, firstly, when you identify pain points that your lead has, you can create content to match that.

You don’t need to create a whole whitepaper or blog post to send to an individual lead.

But, you do want to create content that they’ll find extremely useful.

This could be:

  • Recording a short video showing them how to solve a problem
  • Putting together a slide deck on how your product will deliver ROI
  • Sending them a link to an existing guide or whitepaper you’ve published

A significant benefit of content syndication is that by identifying what stage of the buying process a lead is in, you can then reach out directly and share your content with them before any of your competitors do.‍

4. Increase Lead Quality

Sales lead quality can make or break a business.

There is no room for vanity metrics or false-positives.

A lead is either qualified or not.

Content syndication will increase your aggregate lead quality across the board as you’ll be nurturing leads and providing them with the content they want to read, watch, or listen to.

When you’re sharing valuable content, not only can you qualify leads based on engagement, but they can be eligible for your solution. While you might not want prospects deciding you’re not right for them, in the long run, you’ll be grateful that your sales team only spends time on accounts who genuinely are a great fit for your business.

Selling to them will be far more natural, and they’ll truly see the value your product or service offers.

‍5. Take Advantage of Social Networks

You need to be syndicating your content across social media. If you aren’t following a multi-channel approach, you’re missing out.

Even if you see social media as a waste of time, you need to acknowledge its relevance in B2B purchase decisions. 75% of B2B buyers use social media to support their purchase decisions, according to research done by IDC.

You need to be sharing your content across social networks, like LinkedIn. Not only will you be able to get in front of key decision-makers organically, but you can run PPC campaigns to ensure your ideal customers and key accounts see your content.

While other social networks like Facebook and Twitter may be worth focusing on, LinkedIn is 277% more effective at lead generation than the other two major social networks.‍

6. Better Than a Cold Sales Pitch

You can’t succeed if you’re pitching prospects cold.

You need a strategy to qualify and nurture leads before passing them to your sales team if you want to see repeated success.

When using content syndication in your ABM campaigns, you’ll be able to share valuable content to nurture leads systematically.

Your sales reps will have a far easier time closing new business if prospects are already buying into the success your solution will help them achieve.

Barriers to Successful Content Syndication in ABM Campaigns

1. Lack of Quality Content

Creating fantastic content is time-consuming.

It’s easy to push out 500-word articles with no depth, but for companies that want to use their content to drive pipeline growth, you need to commit time and resources. Expect to spend ~8 hours up to several weeks to create useful and in-depth resources.

If a lack of existing quality content or time restraint is the reason you’re holding back on content syndication in your ABM campaigns, we can help.

Firstly, check out our ultimate guide to content syndication. It will show you why content syndication is worth doing.

If you don’t want to implement a content syndication strategy in-house, then consider working with a third-party vendor. We won’t tell you we’re the only vendor out there because we’re not.

But, we offer real multi-channel content syndication and can help manage your process in full. We can handle content creation, syndication, and lead capture. Once the leads start coming in, we’ll pass them onto you. If you’d like to have a chat, you can get in touch with us here.‍

2. Access to B2B Data

Another common barrier to successful content syndication in your ABM campaigns is access to B2B data.

B2B data is the fuel for successful content syndication campaigns. You’ll have the ability to identify leads who are actively looking for solutions like yours with intent data.

Once you identify the in-market accounts, you can reach out directly to them thanks to access to validated email addresses and direct dials.

If access to B2B data is your bottleneck, our database has 44+ million verified B2B contacts. You can segment it by firmographics, technographics, and technographic criteria to ensure that the leads you source from it match your ideal customer profile and will be ideal accounts to target in your next ABM campaign.‍


If you’re ready to supercharge your ABM campaigns, content syndication is for you.

When you add content syndication into your campaigns, you’ll reap the benefits, as long as you execute the campaign flawlessly or work with a proven content syndication provider.

Creating great content is one thing, but when you syndicate and promote it to your ideal customers, you’ll start to see noticeable differences in your pipeline growth and how easy it is to close new business as leads will be nurtured, and will see you as a trusted partner.