Generating Leads With Responsive Content

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The essence of content marketing is adaptation. Yes, there are tried and true techniques to stand by, but when new strategies come along that bring results, it’s time to change your approach. Responsive content is one of those signposts, and it’s a wise company that climbs aboard this trend.
Responsive content plays a crucial role in lead generation, as this type of content interacts with the audience, instead of passively presenting information. Responsive content can come in many different forms, and they all share something in common—a reliance on multimedia (e.g. text, video, audio, quizzes, and even RPG) to pique the curiosity of their audience.
Gone are the days when content was purely comprised of words. With the rise of smartphones and tablets as the primary tools for viewing content, not all audiences have the patience to scroll through an essay-sized article.
Here are six kinds of responsive content that can
 for your company.
1. Quizzes
Quizzes actively encourage your audience to both read and participate with your content. Treat it as a “getting to know your clients” activity.
A 5 to 10-item quiz can be completed in minutes, and though some of your prospects might not complete the quiz, you still gain some information about them and keep them around for longer.
Quizzes are highly shareable through social media platforms, and if your prospect is happy about the results, chances are he or she will tell their friends about it. Quiz results and links are far more likely to be shared and engaged with than something like a downloadable PDF file.
2. Assessments
Like quizzes, assessments are fun ways to get to know your prospects too. However, the difference here is that an assessment evaluates your clients’ skills and knowledge in a particular area.
Buzzfeed uses a lot of these assessments. You can recognize them by their quirky titles and whimsical topics, but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll notice that a lot of information is conveyed in this type of engagement. For example, a cosmetics company can create an assessment that matches a person’s personality with certain accessories or cosmetics, potentially uncovering a treasure trove of data about their existing and prospective customers personalities and buying habits.
3. Surveys
Just a few simple questions are often enough to learn what your prospects prefer and what their behaviors and motivations are. Surveys provide you with feedback and insight, which can all too often be lost in traditional content marketing.
You can use surveys to improve your product or service, or learn more about your target market.

4. Calculators

Calculators help your prospects determine their return on investment (ROI) should they invest in your product. They can also calculate the costs of poor ad performance or the cost of computer downtime.
Essentially, online calculators can be made to calculate just about anything. The aim is to make the data they serve up compelling so that visitors are motivated to use them and then act on that information.

5. Contests

Contests are a clear winner when it comes to responsive content. People love the challenge and novelty of contests, whether they make use of videos, taglines, selfies, or raffles.
Contests make audiences more creative, and all that creativity is used to promote your brand. For example, you can hold a contest where users post suggested taglines on Facebook for a chance to win a gift card or other branded swag. You may come across some phenomenal taglines, but you’ll also drum up phenomenal engagement if the prizes are big enough.

6. Infographics

Infographics are a great way to spread the word about your product. Infographics and other visual content are shared far more on social media than articles or whitepapers. You can balance information with thought-provoking questions, highly engaging charts, and images, and results to relay knowledge about your field and ultimately, to help your audience decide which product to buy.
Not convinced yet?
Here are some other reasons to consider adding responsive content to your content marketing efforts

1. Uniqueness

Layering different types of media within a piece of content is more intriguing to readers than a simple document with no graphics at all. Times have changed, and audiences prefer content that communicates with them on multiple levels.

2. Engagement

Responsive content keeps prospects engaged with your brand. This type of content draws your prospects into a relationship as the more time they spend with your brand, the more attached they feel toward it.

3. Technology

Responsive content can be shared and viewed on different platforms and can reach thousands of prospects in real-time. Technological advances have made it more accessible and interactive than ever before.

4. Flexibility and Freedom

You have a lot of options when it comes to using responsive content to generate leads. You can add a survey and pair it with infographic material. You can merge contests and surveys. You can use calculators to make your assessments more fun and realistic. The combinations are endless.

5. Clear and Direct Message

Responsive content tells your prospects what you can do for them, without the need to read lengthy eBooks or white papers. Think about it as informing people about your brand and your products without telling them directly or coming off as too promotional because you’re offering something of value.

Responsive Content is the Future

Responsive content allows information to go back and forth between your sales team and your prospects. It can help you generate quality leads and keep them highly engaged with your brand. The modern era of marketing and lead generation demands that brands develop new and innovative ways to engage and interact with their audiences. Responsive content is a prime example of innovative content that drives audience engagement.
Give your marketing and lead generation functions a boost with responsive content today!
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