How Marketing Automation Can Enable B2B Growth

reviewing data to show marketing automation enabled b2b growth

In today’s hectic business environment, anything that can save time, effort, and resources are opportunities that businesses invest in. One of the biggest manpower and resource savers is marketing automation. With automation, your employees can be freed of mind-numbing tasks that shackle them from focusing on the more important aspects of their job.

Marketing automation is one of the most important tools of any company especially since many departments see marketing as one of its biggest spenders. While marketing may be able to justify their cost, any initiative to save on precious company resources not only improves the image of the department to the company, but it also benefits the company by having more results with fewer resources to work with.

The benefits of deploying a marketing automation strategy are clear to those who have used them. Whether it is a 77% increase in conversions or a 12.2% reduction in overhead costs, marketers need to have some processes automated to help achieve company targets more efficiently and effectively.

Marketing Automation Tools Empowering Marketers

There are a number of automation tools that help marketers achieve their desired outcomes. Each of these tools brings different benefits to the company and marketing’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI) targets. The following are some of the many tools that help marketers make better use of their time to make the most out of the resources they have.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Automation

CRM is one of the most popular automation tools because of its ability to aggregate customer data in a singular platform to help the marketing team see and analyze all that information. Through the CRM’s sales funnel, they can also see where the customers are in their buyer journey.

This fulfills one of marketing’s greatest roles: to identify potential customers and convert them into paying customers. Having CRM in your company helps your marketing team members work together by helping them get a bird’s eye view of what needs to be done, and then coordinate their efforts toward gaining leads and converting them to paying customers.

According to blogger Mark Taylor of SuperOffice, using CRM has helped many companies achieve an ROI of an average of $51 for every $1 spent. This is because CRM enables marketers to have very specialized marketing campaigns for their audiences, resulting in more lead generation and conversions. This is the reason for the rise in planned IT spending for marketing in 2021 by 44% despite the pandemic, says SWZD.

Companies like Boise Office Solutions were able to increase customer retention with CRM, making the technology worth its $25 million investment. The technology helps the company know their customers better, creates an outside-in view of their customers, develops IT strategies for specific customer needs, and nurtures a customer-focused culture.

Social Media Automation

Social media is now an indispensable channel for marketers if they want to reach their target audience. Being seen on social media is important, but manually posting and communicating on social media can be extremely time-consuming to the point that marketers can be tied down to nothing more than social media management.

By using automation on social media, your team can focus on brainstorming and creating campaigns and dynamic content that improve on previous efforts as they gain a better understanding of their target markets.

That manual social media management can be time-consuming is seen in the fact that 83% of marketers see the need to automate the scheduling of social media posts, making it the most popular use case for automation. As a constant staple to be seen in social media, companies need to constantly churn out posts. However, social media marketers must be aware that actually reaching out to customers requires more customization, and therefore can be their focus instead of daily general posts about the company and/or the product.

One of the most successful social media campaigns was the #EasyOrder by Domino’s. By using social media automation, not only was the company able to free their marketing team’s time to come up with the campaign, but they were also able to use social media automation to drive more orders from their online channels via tweets on Twitter.

Landing Page Automation

Landing pages are one of the best tools marketers use to gain leads that they can guide and nurture down your sales funnel to convert them to paying customers. Automating landing pages help your marketing team focus on actually nurturing your leads instead of doing mundane tasks such as:

  • Contact and data entry
  • Sending individual emails
  • Delivering landing page offers 1 contact at a time
  • Putting contacts in specific workflows
  • Segmenting contacts or adding contact tags 1 by 1

Janice Dombrowski of Stream Creative says that, with an average of 26% conversion rate, landing pages are considered effective conversion tools that marketers can easily consider to have “good” conversion rates. Marketers have experienced that increasing their conversion rates up to 70% is possible by increasing the number of landing pages they have.

How does this contribute to higher conversions?

It’s because marketers who are able to segment their traffic sources and link to appropriate landing pages based on specific segments are able to better communicate to their intended audience with a more personalized approach.

Companies like HDFC Life are able to play up landing page automation to their advantage, increasing customer lifetime value by up to 20%. The automated landing pages were able to collect data from customers as they filled in the forms, helping marketers in the company become efficient in their lead scoring to drive results.

You don’t have to spend millions on an expensive marketing automation strategy to help you drive results. There are simple tools in the market that can help you on your way as an SME to drive greater results for your company’s bottom line. As with any business, your greatest assets are your people. When you free their time to be creative and think strategically instead of wasting their time with mundane and routine tasks, your company will be rewarded with better results that can help you hit—or even surpass—your KPIs.

The key to that productivity is marketing automation.