Step Up Digital Ad Delivery with PureABM


They say if you build it, they will come. But what if they don’t? 

Despite best efforts, B2B marketers sometimes miss the mark when it comes to strategic ABM initiatives, like digital ad delivery. Whether it’s a case of bad data, ineffective audience targeting, or improper alignment between sales and marketing teams, ABM programs can hit the skids real quick, ultimately impacting lead generation efforts and marketing budgets moving forward.  

Ad Delivery Done Right 

Stop wasting time and money on ABM campaigns that end up falling short. Thanks to PureABM from DemandScience, B2B marketers can optimize programmatic ad delivery to target accounts and drive engagement among leads based on purchase-intent data signals. Supported by AI-powered profiling tools and identity-driven data sets, PureABM ensures digital ads meet the eyes of target customers so you can accelerate demand and boost marketing ROI.  

Four-Step Solution to Account-Level Engagement 

PureABM offers B2B marketers a four-step solution to optimized account-level engagement:  

Target Account List Identification 

PureABM analyzes your ideal customer profile to identify key accounts with the most opportunity for relevant, in-market engagement. Teams can either upload existing ABM lists to the platform or build brand new ones based on intent keywords. They can also leverage PureABM’s PurePredict™ tool, which allows B2B marketers to enhance ABM efforts through multi-source intent data.  

Precision Targeting 

PureABM uses precision targeting methods to highlight new target accounts outside a marketing team’s local network. By cross-referencing target account lists with our database of over 130M industry-vetted buyer contacts, the platform then pinpoints additional target accounts relevant to marketers’ existing data. Plus, PureABM can recommend new accounts to help marketers expand opportunity across additional audience segments.  

Programmatic Ad Delivery 

PureABM leverages AI-powered media profiling and content intelligence tools to ensure accurate ad delivery to audience-relevant, brand-safe websites. This helps B2B marketers boost visibility and increase brand awareness among in-market prospects. 

Account-Level Reporting 

Lastly, PureABM goes above and beyond high-level reporting, providing B2B marketers with engagement data per individual account domain. Account-level reporting allows teams more accuracy when it comes to measuring the impact of ABM campaigns and how they influence demand.  


Get precise with digital ad delivery and maximize engagement with purchase-intent buyers. Discover PureABM from DemandScience.

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