Here’s How to Prevent an ABM ROI Disaster

Wouldn’t it be nice if a crystal ball really could show us the future? It would make life much easier for B2B marketers. Just a quick peek is all it would take for teams to realize the results of their ABM efforts. Should the forecast show a less-than-favorable outcome, teams can easily pivot to a more optimal strategy, saving them huge amounts of time, money, and stress in the process.  

But guess what? Crystal balls aren’t real, and without all that magical foresight, B2B marketers can only leverage what’s realistically available to design a results-driven ABM campaign: industry best practices and their own good judgment.  

Luckily, there’s another solution available for B2B marketers looking to effectively scale ABM efforts without ever having to worry about decreasing ROI.  

It’s PureABM by DemandScience! 

What is PureABM? 

PureABM is our go-to solution for managed display advertising, making it a quintessential resource for B2B marketers looking to drive success with digital ABM campaigns.  

PureABM takes an account-based approach to programmatic ad delivery, ensuring only the most relevant, high-opportunity prospects lay eyes on your digital ads. With all this exposure to targeted buyers, marketers can enhance lead generation and nurturing efforts and streamline the sales journey, which equals faster conversion and a swift return on ABM programming. And that’s music to any sales organizations’ ears. 

Accelerate Campaign ROI with PureABM 

With PureABM, marketing teams can design and execute a sophisticated ABM strategy, ensuring maximum engagement from intent, in-market buyers and amplified lead generation among targeted audiences. And here in the real world, that’s the next best thing to a crystal ball. 

How Does PureABM Work? 

PureABM takes all the guesswork out of ad delivery by targeting key accounts with considerable potential for conversion, and these three capabilities make it happen: 

  1. Predictive Analytics 

PureABM comes equipped with PurePredict™, our patented intent data analytics tool that provides the most accurate buying predictions for today’s ABM marketing teams. It tracks and measures buyer intent through several distinct channels, including: 

  • DemandScience Content Consumption 

PurePredict™ monitors the DemandScience database for content consumption and behavioral trends. 

  • Online Market Research  

It also scans millions of online interactions from social media platforms, SaaS review sites, and technology forums.  

  • Digital Consumption Trends of In-Market Prospects 

And it follows content consumption and keyword trends from more than 3 million companies.  

With PurePredict, marketers get access to 131M+ in-market buyers across various segments and industries, which they can then use to refine their ideal customer profile.  

  1. IP and Device-Level Tracking 

The PureABM engine tracks prospect behavior across multiple devices and IP addresses, ensuring marketers always target the right buyers for every account. 

  1. Target Account List Matching 

PureABM can analyze your current target account list and recommend new high-opportunity accounts outside your network.  

Get Started with PureABM 

Make the most out of your next ABM campaign, plus increase brand awareness and drive optimal growth across all marketing channels. You can do it all with PureABM. 

Contact one of our DemandScience experts and learn more about programmatic ad delivery with PureABM.