Quick Hacks for Maximum Webinar Performance

sales video call discussing quick hacks for maximum webinar performance

With so many unpredictable factors riding on digital event success, there is only so much you can control. You have to get your webinar to stand out in advance, engage your attendees that show up, and evolve the conversation afterward. Maximize your spend by trying a few of these tactics, some of which can be enhanced by content syndication.

9 Hacks to Boost Webinar Performance

1. Make the On-Demand Version Available for Outbound Promotions

On-demand webinars generate 28% more engagement than live events (schedules are a killer).

2. Atomize the Content

For minimal resources and cost, your event can quickly become an infographic or eBook (the hard part is already done—the content)!

3. Maximize Your In-House Database

There’s a mountain of gold in your marketable database, use it, but don’t forget to keep growing it! Today’s early-stage leads are tomorrow’s pipeline.

4. Add a Prize/Giveaway

The bulk of your registrants are going to be on the fence about attending on the day; a small incentive may push them to attend. Attendees = pipeline!

5. Nurture Your Registrants With Quality Content Before the Event

Bring them a ton of value and knowledge; establish yourself as a thought leader beforehand to maximize attendees.

6. Be Human

Put the slide deck down and change up the format a bit. What about a Q&A format, a roundtable, or even a video?

7. Use Polls

Break up the monotony of presenting with polls (most vendors offer this service). You keep the audience engaged and collect some quality data.

8. Don’t Over-Qualify

Too often vendors are hyper-focused on a certain persona or company type. What about the clients who see a use case in your product you haven’t thought of? Come one come all!

9. Have an Incredible Post-Event Follow Up

What’s your plan for turning attendees into pipeline? Connect with sales to ensure there’s a clear path.

When you get creative and be human, your webinar will increase sales and marketing ROI. By building your marketable database with quality prospects, content syndication is the fuel that can keep your events moving for the next 3, 6, and 12 months. If done correctly, content syndication can help to increase event buzz, while also serving to build a prestigious event brand associated with thought leadership. Continue the investment post-event with the right follow-up sequence and your team will be set up for long-term success.

How DemandScience Can Help

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