Surveying the Landscape? Key B2B Survey Strategies

team reviewing key b2b survey strategies

There’s nothing more powerful in the world of marketing than real-time data- knowing your total B2B audience in and out, understanding what makes them tick, and learning how to provide the most valuable assets is what every marketer strives to accomplish. If this is the case, why is it so difficult to execute this process? It seems like there’s a hurdle at every turn when it comes to marketing analytics and data. With the rise of data protection laws, anonymous inquiries, and spam bots designed to provide “fake-clicks,” how in the world are you supposed to market effectively?

What Is a Survey?

This seems like a silly question, and it is—from the surface level. Yes, a survey is a list of guided questions meant to learn more about the person or people you’re surveying. However, what is a survey in the world of marketing? To answer this, we need to look at the inverse; what does a survey accomplish? Surveys gather data that can be utilized in your marketing processes to better engage with your target audience. Even deeper though, a survey allows you to humanize the prospect. Those are real responses from someone who actually read your questions. Now, what is a survey in marketing? Bottom of funnel engagement. Time that has been devoted to answering well-thought-out questions that lead to a next step for the prospect in the funnel. Surveys can be the most valuable data you gather.

How Can You Use a Survey?

Now that we know what a marketing survey is, how can we implement it? The obvious answer is to think up 8-10 questions, throw them on SurveyMonkey, and host it on your website. That’s the easiest way to accomplish this task and will garner minimal results. However, crafting a survey with poignant questions designed to get the brain muscles working, while keeping the engagement levels high is absolutely key to ROI. When thinking of questions to ask your audience, consider what your desired response should be. What emotion do you want to evoke? What’s the next item you want them to search for? Having the answers to these questions before you even create the survey itself will help you approach this strategically. The other side to implementation is how to distribute it. We know that the survey is useless if no one fills it out and survey “rewards” only go so far. A good practice with your survey is to see who your top engaged prospects are. This requires insight into your marketing, typically found in marketing software, but can help you with your targeting. The key here is to make sure that your survey isn’t just blasted out to everyone. Design it with a purpose, and send it to those specific people that will benefit from it. Remember, this has to be engaging for the prospect.

Still Not Convinced?

When looking at marketing as a whole, we know two things stick out: quality, and quantity. You can approach marketing by solely utilizing a quantity play, and see marginal success, or you focus on pure quality and be hurt with conversion metrics and overall ROI. A well-crafted survey, sent to the right targeted audience, can help you balance both quality and quantity in marketing. By understanding what your audience needs, what trends they’re seeing with growth, and the challenges that frustrate them, you can now create high-quality campaigns, focusing on driving large quantities of leads and engagement. That being said, this isn’t a perfect solution. For one, you need to have the audience size from your internal database to be able to segment/target effectively. Second, if done poorly, surveys can be a waste of time and potentially harm your prospect’s engagement levels. So, it goes without saying, you’ll need to put some thought into this and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. The pros greatly outweigh the cons here, and when it’s all said and done, mining fresh, untapped data out of an opted-in audience creates limitless possibilities.

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There’s this notion that high-quality marketing efforts just simply do not work. If that’s the headspace you’re in, it’s worth challenging yourself with a survey campaign. There are limitless resources out there on how to best utilize trends reports, client feedback, and so much more. Spend some time thinking creatively and you’ll find that a marketing survey could be exactly what you need to succeed.