The Rising Era of Sales Enablement

coworkers talking about sales enablement

Any company worth its value must grow larger as an organization to accommodate growing business operations. At the same time, however, companies have to be aware that the larger the company grows, the more it has to change as an organization.

Unfortunately, this period of growth is where most companies struggle as communication tends to break. This is where sales enablement comes in to support company expansion. Sales enablement provides employees with the necessary tools, information and content to make sure that buyers are engaged through the entire buyer journey. Sales enablement makes it easier for sales people do their jobs while aligning them with marketing.

Surge of Sales Enablement

Because of its usefulness to organizations, sales enablement has seen its growth triple in a span of 5 years. This is mainly due to one of the key elements in sales enablement: aligning sales and marketing.When these two divisions have seamless communication and alignment, companies see a 208% increase in revenue compared to those with less organization.The right strategy must be identified to achieve goals of growth and sustainability, and this is where sales enablement shines.

Empower your Team with Sales Enablement

Companies need to be able to grow with the current resources that they have or risk growing too fast for their current capabilities. Growth must be scalable and predictable for companies so that both leadership and employees will be able to follow along with the changes happening in the organization, especially your sales organization.

When you equip your sales team with the right tools, you:

Engage Buyers

What makes sales enablement stand out is that it is customer-centric. This means that sales teams are able to discover buyer behavior through the content they consume, as well as personalize and share content as they collaborate with one another in the organization.

Training and Development

A valuable pillar in growth of the organization is the growth of employees. Sales enablement further helps the growth of your sales teams to properly use their resources to further improve the success of sellers, which includes coaching. This helps employees become self-reliant and successful no matter the sales situation.

Leverage Data-Driven Insights

“Data is king” is important throughout the whole organization, and sales is no exception. It is important for organizations to know the ROI for every marketing and sales effort they put out.

Attaining Better Results

Companies should not miss out on employing sales enablement as it is one of the best tools to help the company grow. “The percentage of salespeople achieving quota increases by nearly 11% with enablement—an improvement of 22.7%.” When information from sales and marketing are integrated, the overall sales process becomes more efficient and effective, creating a better buyer journey.

Sales enablement allows for the growth of the individual seller along with the company through training and development programs, as well as on-boarding programs for anything or anyone new introduced to the organization. The results will show sales at a high velocity, creating ideal ROI scenarios for the company. Sales enablement should be your go-to resource for making sales and marketing collaboration more seamless, as well as your source of training and development to ensure that your people grow with your company.